I'm not sure if my finger is broken or not, how can i tell?!

Question: I'm not sure if my finger is broken or not, how can i tell.?
I was playing touch football yesterday and mid way through the 40 minute game, my little finger started to hurt. I figured i had just jarred it, and kept on playing. Got home, still hurting. Found out i couldn't move my 'distal phalanx' on the finger. All other joints move with ease. Using my other hand, i can move it. But i can't move it using my muscles past around 30 degrees. Today it is the exact same.

Just wondering if its broken, or if it has moved out of the joint or even just hurt it.?Health Question & Answer

well i can't answer that for you, you'd need a doctors opinion.

but i can tell you that i have broken my right ring finger and went to the doctors, they had x rays and everything to inform me that yes, it was broken. and after all that trouble all they could do for a broken finger was put a "splint" on it.. so if your finger is bothering you, just put a little cotton ball in between whichever finger is injurged and the one next to it and tape them together, that way its incapable of moving.

saves you a trip to the doctor at least.

hope you feel better soonHealth Question & Answer

mine turned my hand purple. and swelled up. The answer before mine is right though, not much you can do. I had a cast to heal it quicker only because it was in the middle of my basketball season senior year, but mine was also completely in half and dislocated.

I wouldn't worry about it if you aren't in pain and its not turning colors.Health Question & Answer

If it was broken, you wouldn't be able to move it at all. It's probably just badly bruised. Health Question & Answer

have an X-ray.I think it's not broken but your bone got little injuredHealth Question & Answer

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