How do I avoid injury in this situation?!

Question: How do I avoid injury in this situation.?
I have been training off-season for lacrosse with my team and at every practice, I end up pulling my quad in my left leg. Even if I stretch more intensively before practice, I still seem to end up injuring myself. What can I do to prevent it, and to make it hurt less after it happens.?Health Question & Answer

Try heating the area before your workouts. If you have an athletic training room you can go to, use a heat wrap. Most AT rooms have them available. For muscular issues, heat before and ice after. If you can return to the AT room after practice and get ice that would be your best bet. Trainers can tape ice to your leg so you can walk and ice at the same time. It seems like a lot of extra time but it really pays off.

Taking pain relievers such as Advil also helps control the pain after an injury. A massage is also a pain relief technique.

Good luck!Health Question & Answer

Stop exercising for a couple of weeks and let it heal then start slow with stretches and build up from thereHealth Question & Answer

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