Didnt break arm but got cast?!

Question: Didnt break arm but got cast.?
hey i hurt my growth plate in my wrist, but i didnt break or fracture, and they gave me a cast, why did i have to get a castHealth Question & Answer

the wrist needs to be protected from any movement and any type of additional injury or you risk severe damage - it's a protective measure.The growth plate is the most sensitive part of the skeleton and any injury to it is considered serious. also, an injury to the growth plate has a greater risk of infection or injury that can inhibit proper growth. Essentially, a growth plate injury is worse than a fracture - you need to follow very seriously all the instructions the doctor gave you and take care to protect that injury.Health Question & Answer

i am just guessing, but i bet they want to restrict the movement so that you can't do any further damage
when you are healed up a bit more then they can consider taking it offHealth Question & Answer

to keep you from moving your wrist. In a way the cast acts like a splint. If you don't move it, then it'll heal better... Simple as that...Health Question & Answer

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