If a doctor's family fall's ill , would they ?!

Question: If a doctor's family fall's ill , would they .?
Ring the surgery to book an appointment or wait for the doc to come home and receive preferential treatment . Health Question & Answer

They would make an appointment to go and see their GP like anyone else. If it's a minor ailment, they may ask their relative who is a Dr, for their advise, but generally one would go and see their own GP. My mother is GP, I have my own GP however.

A Dr wouldn't give 'preferential' treatment to anyone, a Dr will treat everyone the same, to the best or his/her ability.Health Question & Answer

I would imagine that depends on the nature of the illness and the severity of it.

I would imagine that doctors are neither allowed to nor would want to perform serious medical procedures on their loved ones under normal circumstances and would refer the case on to a colleuge.Health Question & Answer

Since Dr's are forbidden to treat their own family's they have their own Dr to call.Health Question & Answer

Who Shaves the barbour.?Health Question & Answer

well now what do you thinkHealth Question & Answer

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