My fingers hurt and I have a piano exam on Friday...! Advice?!

Question: My fingers hurt and I have a piano exam on Friday...! Advice.?
My fingers hurt from practising too much piano, but I have an exam on Friday, so I need to soothe the pain. Have you got any ideas.?

Thanks so much

Helena : )Health Question & Answer

well take it easy from anything including typing on your keyboard...dip your fingers in ice periodically throughout the day.Health Question & Answer

Best thing to do is to get a pair of ice gloves. I realize your concert is friday, so there might not be enough time, soaking them in a bucket of ice water for 20 min. should help. If you want to get the gloves go to Here's a link to it.Health Question & Answer

I think a hot bath would soak the muscles pretty well. also take a bit of a break for a day, better to have less pain, than to go over the pieces a few more times.good luck!Health Question & Answer

Not to worry you are only Stage 1 and have short smelly stubbly fingers. Focus on a real career like being an air-hostess or sommat.

PMSL. ;)Health Question & Answer

Have one or two paracetamol tablet(s)Health Question & Answer

Have a very hot bath, that helps to relax your muscles.Health Question & Answer

put your fingers in a bucket of ice. Health Question & Answer

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