Is it bad to take over counter sleeping pills every night?!

Question: Is it bad to take over counter sleeping pills every night.?
I use to have a job where I'd get home late at night and stay up all night and if I had to work the next day I would go for days without sleep. I decided at the time to start taking a sleep aid that is cheap and over the counter. Something that has the effect as a cold medication that knocks you out but does not make you feel as drugged out. I discovered "simply sleep". It does not have any kind of pain medication in it. The only ingredient is called "diphenhydramine" which is also Benadryl. People with allergies take this everyday and other people (like my MOM!) take TYLENOL arthritis pills every single day which is much more harmful than this in my opinion. It really helps me sleep and if I try to go without it I don't sleep at all. I have been taking it every night for a long time now even long after I left the night job. I have not been to a doctor in a long time, I hardly ever get sick and I don't feel I am doing anything wrong. It gives me a light drowsiness with no side effects in the morning. But am I fooling myself.? Is this bad to be taking every night like this for so long.?

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I don't think so,i have been taking them for about 57 years now and the only thing is,i'm like you...without them i go to sleep for maybe an hour or 2 them i'm wide awake again.
My doctor said it causes no harm.Health Question & Answer

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