Can someone tell me if Seroxat 2mg and Xanax 1mg is a good drug combination for panic attacks, anxiety...?!

Question: Can someone tell me if Seroxat 2mg and Xanax 1mg is a good drug combination for panic attacks, anxiety....?
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I think you got your dosage for Seroxat (i.e. Paxil) incorrect. The smallest dosage it comes in is 10mg, which means you would need a compounding pharmacy to get 2mg doses.

With that said, I have taken both Paxil and Xanax although not in combination. Paxil has gotten a bad reputation from many, but in my opinion it is the best SSRI available. Paxil helped me to overcome severe depression, generalized anxiety, and severe social anxiety. I was a whole new person. Once you are taking Paxil long enough for it to become effective (a few weeks to a month), you should not be experiencing panic attacks.

The first time I took Xanax, I thought it was a miracle drug like Paxil. Having been on it for almost a month, though, my opinion has changed. During the first week you will feel very euphoric and relaxed after each dose. As time goes on, it quickly loses its effectiveness and you only notice its effect when you DON'T take it as opposed to when you do. It does help to prevent anxiety, but in my opinion it is not necessary to take daily if you are already on an SSRI that treats anxiety. Because Xanax is short-acting, it's essential that you take it at least three to four times a day evenly spaced out. I take 1.5mg three times a day.

Currently I'm on Effexor XR and Xanax, but the Xanax was only prescribed until the Effexor XR kicked in. I'm now tapering off the Xanax and am happy to be doing so. Effexor XR is the best antidepressant in my opinion (it's an SNRI). It is similar to Paxil in that it treats depression, general anxiety, social anxiety, and panic disorder. I find that Effexor XR has fewer side effects than Paxil CR. Paxil CR to some extent made me manic which is why I discontinued it.

So... I think a higher dosage than 2mg of Paxil in the long-term will probably be able to control your anxiety without Xanax. Your doctor may want you to only take Xanax on an "as needed" basis when you have sudden panic attacks. That's really what Xanax is meant for.Health Question & Answer

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