I want to kill myself. It's not for attention either because no one knows this. What should I do?!

Question: I want to kill myself. It's not for attention either because no one knows this. What should I do.?
I've had 3 therapists, I've been hospitalized twice, and I've been on medication. None of it has helped. I can't deal with life anymore. I try to be a good friend but my friends still desert me. I use acne clearing scrubs everyday but I'm still ugly. I've been doing track for a year and a half but I'm still fat. And on top of all that, I stutter and I can't help it. And no one is there for me...The only good thing I can honestly say about myself is that I'm a nice person. Even so, I really wish that I didn't exist. But I'm scared to cause harm to myself. What should I do.?Health Question & Answer

Think about it... you are on here, asking this question because you don't really wanna kill yourself. You just feel like there is no other option left, which is a very incorrect belief. I have a few things to say...

1. You can't see how lucky you are!
English is your first language, so I assume you live in the States, or England, or Australia, or some other modern country. You have SO many opportunities in where you are. Do you feel like you're fat.? Lose weight. Do you feel like you're ugly.? Change your style. (though at this point I must say, noone is ugly. My guy thinks he's ugly, he's the sexiest guy in the world for me.) What would you do if you were born in Somalia.? Health system is not that bad in the States, find a way to get counseling.

2. Everything changes.
I had a very tough childhood. Domestic violence, picking up by other kids, I was overweight, I had no BF until 20s. At my 21 (after 21 years!), I lost weight, I got pretty (physical appearance change by age, ya know), I got promotions at my job and now I make very good money, I made some great friends..etc. Don't ever give up. Your time will come.

3. Don't take life too seriously.
Make fun of your own problems! That is what I do. and what I've always done. I just make fun of my own misery at times. I found a few tricks that work for me. For instance, when I feel depressed I watch tv shows that make me feel good (mostly comedy). Have a few goals in life.. anything. Going and seeing Paris, going to gym, making money to go to a gym. Have dreams, goals and work for them. Just enjoy the little things in the meantime.

4. Pets are nice.
If you like animals, get a puppy. You can't leave her/him behind. Dogs are madly addicted to their owners.

5. Find hobbies.
You don't need money for that. Grab a ball and play basketball. Golf, playstation, whatever.

6. PLEASE don't lose your sense of humor.
Humor makes wonders in humans life.

7. Volunteer work 'might' help.
Helping others will make you feel better.Health Question & Answer

try this.

1. Run 5 miles a day.
2. Put aside 20 minutes a day (for a month) to talk and listen to God.
Just be still and listen with an open mind.
3. Find some beautiful upbeat music to listen to, and listen to it often.
4. Join 2 formal social activities. Pool League and Radio Control flying
club (for instance).
5. Get on a proper diet, one that is heavy in vitimans and trace elements.

Make a pledge to do this for 30 days, then e-mail me and tell me how you feel.Health Question & Answer

find things that you do that makes you happy
my thing is riding horses
there is something about soaring over a jump that you cant help but feel amazing

and if there is anything that makes you unhappy in your life
then eliminate it

you should try to do things with horses
they are very therapeutic and understanding animals and when you have a bond like that there is nothing else in the world that you could even compare to

good luck and never give upHealth Question & Answer

I know life may be hard but never ever commit sucicide, sucicide is never the way out.

And don't think so bad about yourself and your body, your body is truly a gift from God, and the devil likes it when you think bad stuff about yourself, but not God.

Pray to God for help! He is always there for you no matter what!

I'll pray for you also!!

Hope you get better!!! =]Health Question & Answer

when i read this i just wanted to cry cause that's how i used to feel and sometimes still do but u have to just say **** it to the people who talk stuff about you and except and love yourself cause it will get better :)Health Question & Answer

Don't worry bout what other people think of you..Be confident in your self...I feel the same way..especially ever sense my sis died almost 5 months ago..but fon't kill yourself think of all the people you'd be hueting...if you ever wanna talk just email me at Friendz_are_family2@yahoo.comHealth Question & Answer

myselfHealth Question & Answer

i sent you an email xHealth Question & Answer

i am 28 and i have been suicidal since i was 14.. about two weekends ago.. i had a plan.. i felt ready.. i was happy for once... seemed sooo odd to my gf and my counsellor that they made me promise not to kill myself... my counsellor came to my house.. and rang a few times... my gf played the guilt trip on me... i promised.. and i'll keep that promise for as long as i can... i feel ugly too.. i have no friends.. nor do i want any.. i have a psych and a counsellor and i was on sooo much meds.. i cut myself off them... i still felt screwed on them.. so why bother... basically i'm saying that i have one thing to hold on for... u need that one thing... that one thing to promise to.. that u will not kill urself.. good luck..Health Question & Answer

Kid, u need 2 realiz that ur life izn that bad. I'll giv u an example, I grew up wit no father, abusiv drunk 4 a mother, n did so many drugs. Lived in a trailor cardboard box 1 nite I'll neva 4get it. Yet I go 2 skool, n a year ago my friend (talkd jus like u) killd herself. She put me n erry1 throu so much pain I cry erry tym I think bout it.

She neva reachd out 2 me or her otha friends, jus always felt miserable. U hav no rite 2 put ppl lik ur family throu dat pain. N wat if ther iz no heaven, no hell.? Then wat.? U only got 1 shot at life so make da most of it. U jus need change in ur life. Badly. Don b so conservative n take some risks (not stupid 1s) wen u kill urself, u kill a part of erry1. U do hav ppl who luv u, n always remembr some1 always has it worse den u. Look at da dude whose 3 daughters wuz killd in an accident, yet he survivd. Iz ur life harder den dat.? I doubt it. Relax things do get beta, jus gota seize the opportunityHealth Question & Answer

No heaven, no hell, no point in dying. Liv life. Bc some ppl don't even have that opportunity..Health Question & Answer

Learn to try to love yourself regardless of all of your flaws.
Try to pay attention to the good things you have; I'm sure there's more to you than just being a nice person.
I recommend you research the Law of Attraction or the Secret if you haven't heard about it yet. It helped me accomplish some things... more materials, but it can work for anything.
You should be grateful that you even had friends, and don't forget about your family.

Don't give up. If you weren't worth life then you would have never been born, but you are born. Think about it.Health Question & Answer

Justin....Im wanting to be sorta a therapist and well even though many just don't know what really to say i believe i do.....You see my life is a testimony of soooo much that can be changed!!! No matter who is mean to me or messes with me... no matter how much i loose ...and ive lost everything before ....and no matter what i must overcome i can simply because i have God! im not religious... im Simply a person with an answer that can change anyone who is tired of the WORLD... people making fun of you and you not feeling worth anything...its insane! To GOD you were made in his image and are beautiful to him and your life has such a plan that not even i could fathome what your created for!!! i have a song that i love because even though we will go through things we have an answer....

Please listen the Song " The Glory" by Avalon...

In the solitary moment of His birth

On this barren dusty land

All of heaven kissed the face of the earth

With a miracle of love

God became a man

But He was sent away to draw His final breath

When He was only thirty-three

And in the shame of dying a criminal's death

He cleansed an angry world

And in His suffering I see

The glory of the blood

The beauty of the body

That was broken for our forgiveness

The glory of His perfect love

Is the heart of the story

The glory of the blood

Now I have tried to find salvation on my own

In a search for something real

But there's a guilty heart inside this flesh and bone

Fall upon His grace

And I begin to feel

repeat chorus

And when I close my eyes I can see Him hanging there

Oh the precious wounded Lamb of God

All the majesty in this world cannot compare to the glory

The beauty of the body

That was broken for our forgiveness

repeat chorus

But He was sent away to draw His final breath

When He was only thirty-threeHealth Question & Answer

The BiBle!!!Health Question & Answer

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