Are there diseases that can trigger thoughts of homicide or suicide?!

Question: Are there diseases that can trigger thoughts of homicide or suicide.?
Yes mental illnesses. Like squizophrenia, antisocial personality disorder, major depression, Bipolar disorder, Psychotic states someone that has this thought disorders should go to seek help because is treatable and controlable. One of the questions assessing the risk for suicide, homicide with a yes response is actually enought to have the opportunity to get admited into a behavioral facility for treatment. if thats your case or someone you know please call a hotline for help in knowing resources available in your community. Or call 911. to get help ingetting admited into the hospital even if you/ friend/ loved one have no medical insurance. It is a Psychiatric emergency.Health Question & Answer

Working in the medical field.Health Question & Answer

There are conditions that will.

Depression can be caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. This imbalance and the associated depression can push a person to feel suicide is the only way to stop the hurting.

Then diseases like syphilis can turn the brain to swiss cheese. In the process of destroying random parts of the brain inhibition centers can fall prey and die. When that happens it is like being perpetually drunk. A person is prone to say and do things they would normally be able to control through the inhibition process. Killing another human is one thing we are all capable of if something happens to reduce our inhibitions.Health Question & Answer

No. Everyone has the potential to harbor thoughts of suicide or homicid as much as they have the potential to raise a loving family or love another human being deeply. Mental illness is a byproduct of being constantly abused or misunderstood by society at large. I dont think it helps anyone to separate those that have shown the capacity for violence like that and just say THEY are the problem or and not look at the way our world is structured. There will always be some group of people that are left out of the mainstream and resort to desperate behavior unless we try to make the whole planet a more loving, nurturing place for everyone.Health Question & Answer

Depression, Bipolar, Skitzofrenier.

These are defently the worst.
with Depression its different for anyone that has it but most people get thoughts of suicide while others might get thoughts of killing others to make there world a better place, Some might just break down and cry.

With the other two you can feel all of those things at once! including feeling like your being watched, Everyones aginst you.
You may hallucinate, have seazures and yes there are cases where people with these mental health issues have killed people it defently isnt rare.Health Question & Answer

Suicide.? I'm sure there are plenty of diseases, cancer included, that would leave a person in so much pain that they would consider it. There was a story a few weeks ago about the guy who went into a church and shot the pastor then killed himself. They said he got lymes disease before and that might have affected his brain. I have a friend who got lymes as a teenager, and to tell the truth, he got stranger since then, like a mid-life crisis at age 25. He's not shooting anybody, but that goes to show....lymes is nothing to laugh about, it will screw you up mentally.Health Question & Answer

Any mental disease that has a psychotic component to it would cause someone to be homicidal or suicidal. Bi-Polar, Schizophrenia and Borderline Personality Disorder or psychopathy. Psychosis is caused by a disease of the brain and causes one's mind to more or less leave reality and see, feel, or hear things that aren't real. There are many safe anti-psychotic medications that can prevent psychosis. But a true psychopath is someone whom there is no medication to help as they do not have a conscience and will do anything that is their desire no matter whom it hurts. They are killers also.Health Question & Answer

yes , i'm schizophrenic and when i'm in a mental break my voice's and thoughts and hallucination's tell me to hurt and kill myself . i know depression can lead to suicidal thoughts manic depressives and bi-polar's on the down ward spiral can become and think life is not worth living for or why should i be alive.? etc.Health Question & Answer

Mental diseases, yes. It's called depression. I have it, but I'm not suicidal.Health Question & Answer

Just about any mental illness has the potential to cause suicide or homicide.Health Question & Answer

Not delibrately trigger, I wouldn't think. But some would be so depressing and painful that you would feel such things as suicide...?Health Question & Answer

not so much diseases that i know off.. i'm no expert.. i think it's more to do with illnesses like depression etc.. a mental health issueHealth Question & Answer

I think depression could be considered a diseaseHealth Question & Answer

Bipolar.Health Question & Answer

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