Low dose of xanax???????!

Question: Low dose of xanax.?.?.?.?.?.?.?
what can i expect from a 12.5mg dose of xanax. i know the smallest pill is a 25mg pill but i want to take half of that just in case i dont like the feeling i wont freak out. Will i still feel something.? how long will the feeling last. I am also on day 13 of zoloft 50 mg. the xanax was given to me on an "as needed" basis. i still have not taken it at all because honestly i am affraid of the addictionHealth Question & Answer

You have 0.25mg tablets of Xanax dear. 25mg would knock you flat on your ****. :) Anyway...

If you doctor has told you to take Xanax on an "as needed" basis, then that usually means when you have a panic attack or are aware of a situation coming up which may cause one. You should confirm with him or her to make sure. Everyone reacts differently to medications, but let me assure you that 0.25mg is a very low dosage. Many people claim to not notice much effect until 0.5mg. Personally, I take 1mg for panic attacks. It's very hard not to like the feeling of Xanax and that's why it's so addictive. Again, talk to your doctor and as long as you only take it when needed, you should not be afraid of becoming addicted. It can be a scary drug, but just don't consider taking it daily and you should be fine. Best wishes <3Health Question & Answer

As long as you follow your doctors directions you won't become addicted especially if orders are to take it as needed. Don't take more than prescribed this is when people get into trouble with addiction. Xanax is a very safe and good medication for anxiety. Try the dosage that he gave you. It may be to high for you this is something that you will be aware of. If this happens then you talk to your psychiatrist and he will lower the dosage to a comfortable level. If the dosage doesn't help your anxiety than you need to talk him about a higher dosage.. Every person is different and the same dosage may work for others but not for you. So you just have to try one at a time when you don't have any responsibilities to worry about. If you are comfortable with it and it does relieve your anxiety than you have the right dosage.Health Question & Answer

xanax and valium are tabs used as a quick fix in regards to calming down.. i have severe anxiety and ocd... i was on 300 mg of zoloft until last week... and seroquel and i felt no better.. so i took myself off them... my psych knows... he wants to try something new again... i give up though.. basically if u need a xanax ...take a xanax... it will help.Health Question & Answer

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