I may be going crazy?!

Question: I may be going crazy.?
OK so you know the judge from american idol--- simon.?
He is all over my wall and he is so adorable!Health Question & Answer

I agree with you! He is very sexy. I think a lot more people like him than hate him. Either way, he makes the show interesting. Without him, it would be a bust. Did you ever see his life story on the biography channel. He wasn't born into this life. He fought his way up the ladder and is a self made millionaire. He was brilliant in knowing what works when it comes to music. I just love him. People say he has a heart of gold in the real world and is really nice to be around. He is brutally honest on Idol. That is his job. Some people don't like it, but I say too bad. If they can't take it, maybe they shouldn't be there.Health Question & Answer

Yes, you may be going crazy.

Yes, you probably are Obsessed (and you are not alone).

He may be adorable, but then those who chose to do the adoration stuff are perfectly free to choose whoever they want to do it to.

Do not, however, expect anything in return.

He is married ~ wedded to ''The Business'' and the Power it brings him.

Good (try BIGGER walls) Luck.
Sash.Health Question & Answer

well hes very egotistical and smokes like a cimney, but hey whatever floats your boat.

xxxHealth Question & Answer

Lol agreed with the first personHealth Question & Answer

That guy's a prick. you're insane.Health Question & Answer

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