Do You Consider This Abuse?!

Question: Do You Consider This Abuse.?
Ok, I am 17 years old (18 this summer). All my life, i have never had a good rellationship with my dad. He would never really spend time with us when my sisters and I were little, but he has always treated me the worst (im the oldest of 3). When i was younger, he would hit me probably a few times a month, mostly on the rear end but on a few occasions he slapped me across the face. I also clearly remember one occasion when he kicked me across the room (i think i was around 3 years old). My mother remembers this as well. As ive grown older, he has stopped hitting me, but he is constantly yelling/criticizing and making mean remarks (and im really not that bad of a kid). He once threatened to take my dog to the pound, calls me a psycho teenage brat, and other stuff like that.

Sorry that was so long. So i guess my question is, do you consider this to be abuse.? Im always hesitant to tell therapists and stuff that i was abused, because im not sure if the way my dad acts is normal or not. I have very low self esteem, and i have always wondered if the way my dad has treated me has anything to do with it.

Thanks for your time.Health Question & Answer

YES, this was without second thought-abuse. Not mild but serious. A swat on the rear at age 3 or 4 is often to obtain the attention of a child, in the face is the beginning of abuse. Kicking you across the room is serious abuse and mom should have taken you and siblings and ran like crazy or at the very least kicked him out. The criticizing even causes more emotional harm and destroys self esteem. The dog to the pound and all that is what creates Post Traumatic Stress in young women, that will cause years of time in therapy. Your question was not long and I feel sure you have a lot more to discuss. How dad treats you has nothing to do with you and everything to do with his feeling inadequate and bad about himself. He is a bully and I'm sorry to say mom has issues too. Any mother that stays and watches a child go through all that has terrible self esteem.
You need to be out of that house, with a grand parent, or aunt, or something. You need to be in counseling NOW to start dealing with the issues, especially if you can not escape the abuse yet. Please feel free to read my profile and contact me if you want more help or just someone to listen. God Bless ReggieHealth Question & Answer

25+ yrs Counselor
In return I am sorry my answer was even longer.But I'm thinking you need help and confirmation. God BlessHealth Question & Answer

Yes it is abusive. there are many types of abuse such as emotional, behaviour, physical, and mental. So I would consider all of these types as it upsets you as a person.Health Question & Answer

I must agree with everyone else. You are right. You are the way you are now because of how he has treated you. I suggest you talk to someone, while there is still hope for you to become a confidant person.Health Question & Answer

yes. He has done physical, emotional, mental, abuse, I would tell someoneHealth Question & Answer

Yes I would. Please consider getting some help for it.Health Question & Answer

of course its abuse . he should have been reported years agoHealth Question & Answer

Yes. This is abuse. Tell your therapist exactly how he is treating you. He apparently has issues with anger and for some reason he must believe it is okay to take it out on you. NO ONE deserves to be treated badly - especially from someone who is supposed to love you. As a young woman since your Dad has treated you this way, you are more likely to end up marrying someone who is a lot like him. However, the fact that you are speaking to a therapist can help you, but you need to tell your therapist the whole truth about your home life. He/she can't help you thoroughly without knowing the whole truth.Health Question & Answer

Yes, from the past abuse (slapping, hitting) that would be considered physical abuse of a child. I do not know if he can still be charged with it now that you are older, but I do know that it would help you out A LOT to talk about it with a counselor.

As for the present, yes, that is mental/emotional abuse. What your dad is doing is NOT okay, and it is NOT normal. I am sure the way your dad has treated you has a lot to do with your low self-esteem nowadays. It will be hard, but I really think you should atleast talk to a professional about it. It really does help.

Please do not believe the horrible things your father says about you. He is wrong in taking out his frustrations on you. I don't know you, but I am convinced you are a perfectly normal teenager who has a lot to offer the world. Stay strong, you are a beautiful gift from God to the world.Health Question & Answer

that is definitely not normal. you should do something about him. he has been physically abusing you, emotionally abusing you, and verbally abusing you.
Heres a link to report it if you want to (which you should):

The basic definition of abuse whether it involves a child or adult is: ANY physical, emotional, sexual or neglectful mistreatment that leads to physical injury, endangerment or emotional harm.

also, if you need some more advise, then visit
Hope I helped :] Good luckHealth Question & Answer Question & Answer

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