I wanna die tonight.i am serious,someone help me please?!

Question: I wanna die tonight.i am serious,someone help me please.?
i have no idea how to do this but i cant cope with this life anymore.
i just cant.i thought of cutting my vains but i am scared i might stay alive,i cant jump from a building ,there aint none close to me .
anyone,please i am serious,dont tell me not to do this ,i lost everything and i just wanna rest in peace for once.
if there any any genuine people out there,who can help me to set myself free,please tell me how.Health Question & Answer

no sweetie you just can not cope with life anymore for today, i can tell just by what you've written, that you are a strong capable, caring human being, that apparently life has beat the crap out of like a punching bag. and your on your knee's and can;t find a way to get backup, but i believe you can and you will, even jesus had his moment of doubt and pain, and we're only flawed beautiful human being's.i fought for 2 year's for one of my grandbabie's, because of my daughter's drug use and his father being locked up in prison, and she did an open adoption, first told us about if after she couldn't undo it, and i had to choose to fight on the adoption agency side, or let the biological father get custody of him, very very long story, on jan 30th the biological father's rights's were terminated, and it was the saddest day' but the right of day's the way it turned out. no i can not hold him and hug him, and see his little face everyday, but he is safe and loved and cared for, and it is an open adoption so we will have visits and up date's he will know who we are, so very sad yet it was how i guess it has to be, why am i opening up and telling you all this.? because i can remember almost 2 year's ago on the kitchen floor wanting to just die couldn't find the strentgh to stand up let alone walk, and thinking this is never going to end, and now 2 year's later it has, and i stayed around even though i didn't think i could and got to see the outcome of it. not perfect daughter is still on the street's still on the drug's, and only 20 year's old, but give thing's enough time, and what you feel you can't handle today, change's completly in the blink of an eye. my heart goe's out to you and please try to make it just one more sec. then one more min, then one more hour, then one more day and then look around and see how everything has changed, bless you in your time of need you are not alone jamieHealth Question & Answer

Death isn't the answer. If you still have your life, you haven't lost everything.

If you can look beyond your dispair and glimpse life as an adventure, then you will understand that the most painful of times can eventually lead to a precious, tender spot forever in your heart. You will be more intuitive and helpful to others who - in the future - walk in similar shoes that you are currently walking in. You will be part of my club - the 'survivor club'. A group of folks who have thought as you are at one time in their lives, but faced death and said 'no! I will overcome!' Survivors understand pain, but we also know that there are SO MANY good days beyond the pain.

I hope you'll embrace the adventure of life with the survivors/overcomers. It's a truly amazing experience.
For me, made so much better because of the spiritual power I found through seeking God. Life is beautiful gift - even the sorrow gives us something to share with others as we move past the anguish.

Beauty from ashes...Health Question & Answer

experienceHealth Question & Answer

Calm Down ASAP. I'm sure we've all thought about suicide once in our lives but you have to be thoughtful of people surrounding you. And if you feel like there is nobody that would care that you died, then you are wrong. also think about what would happen after you killed yourself. Are you 100% positive that it really will be a "rest in peace" kinda place, if you purposefully killed yourself.?Health Question & Answer

Killing yourself only causes problems for others. Think about everyone you love, you really want them to feel the same way you do know.? If you take your life so many people will feel absolutely horrible. God will always provide, sometimes you have to call on him. Even if you are not religious pray to him, it's alright his love is unconditional and he'll help you, I'll pray for you too.Health Question & Answer

You say :dont tell me not to do this! Im sorry, i cannot do that, and i dont think you will most people here who feel the same. Please, please get help...every single human life is precouse, you are worthy of life, and time heals everything. whatever pain you feel now eases with time...believe me! Ive been there.Health Question & Answer

don think that way there are always people that care about you.think about the ones you love and your loved ones. dont do this and if you want to talk about anything you can talk to me it helps talking to a stranger a a bff.Health Question & Answer

i dont know you and i honstly careHealth Question & Answer

Tomorrow will replace what was lost yesterday, but only if you want it. Death has never solved anything because you are still you on the other side of death and what you have not solved here will follow you and be more difficult to resolve.Health Question & Answer

Everyday is a miracle and you should celebrate. I believe you can be happy without all those things.Health Question & Answer

Often, such feelings result from depression, or at least this has been my own personal experience, and when you find effective treatment for this disorder, thoughts of suicide diminish, and eventually disappear. See the advice, and weblinks/hotlines regarding suicidal thoughts/ideation, in section 5, at http://www.ezy-build.net.nz/~shaneris and contact them, as needed.

I suggest that you view section 2, on depression (page R first) at ezy build, and seek treatment, including counselling, ASAP: whether this involves medication or not. Antidepressants can start becoming effective in 2 - 4 weeks, but if you decide to accept the risks and side effects, check them out first at http://www.drugs.com & http://www.rxlist.com and read the labels, and/or inserts with the medication. Only you really know the true extent of your depression, and whether you have actually made any realistic plans. Be on the lookout for any worsening of your situation, immediately following antidepressant use, as advised in the literature.
Some people in the mental health field believe that, although a severely depressed person may feel suicidal, they have neither the energy, nor the planning ability to organise such an attempt. There may be a "window of opportunity", in the first couple of weeks, following antidepressant use, when the antidepressant effect has not yet begun to reach effective levels, but energy levels, and planning abilities are beginning to be restored, and it is in this time frame, particularly with young people, when the likelihood of a suicide attempt is at its highest.

also, I am informed that most doctors tend to prescribe on the conservative side. Some people require as much as 30 times the dose of a particular medication, for it to be effective, (it shouldn't be anywhere near that margin, with antidepressants) so they tend to initially prescribe on the low side. The patient may return, saying that they were ineffective, and want to try something else, with similar results, or may seek a second opinion. So, if you begin with an antidepressant, and find it ineffective, ask whether the dosage can be increased.Health Question & Answer

Realise that it can take several weeks to begin reaching peak effectiveness; that, once commenced, antidepressants should be continued for at least 9 months, (since the average length of a depressive episode is 6 months) although a maximum of 18 months is recommended. After that time, they should be weaned off, with medical advice as to how long, to minimise withdrawal symptoms, and the situation closely monitored. Depression recurs in around 50% of cases, so be on the alert for the signs, and take early action. Neither antidepressants, nor St. John's wort should be relied on as a sole treatment for depression, but used in addition to the core treatments shown on page R, above. See: EMOTIONAL THOUGHT STOPPING: PAGE L, in section 2. Practicing one of the relaxation methods in section 11 will enable you to attain a mental state where there is no suffering, just awareness, and helps in life's adverse situations. You may have lost a lot, but not everything; that is part of the "all, or nothing" type of thinking which commonly occurs with depression. Your personal circumstances can improve considerably; material things are replaceable, and new, deep relationships can be formed, but you will need to adopt effective treatments, and dispense with the negative expectations.Health Question & Answer

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