Im sad and lonely, depressed lately?!

Question: Im sad and lonely, depressed lately.?
Ok, so lately ive been depressed and lonely. My life has been doing ok. But its just ok. Its boring and nothing exiciting ever goes on. Plus, my girlfriend has been acting weird lately and ignoring me and never really paying attention to me no matter what were doing. Whether its hanging out or txting. She takes like half an hour to reply to txt messages and when were together she just doesnt really talk to me or anything. She's always looking at her feet and when I try to talk to her she just looks away. This is only sometimes though, when shes not like this shes super hyper and fun to be around.

But lately she just seems like she doesnt care about me or "us" anymore. I have talked to her about it alot and she says she cares alot and still loves me and stuff. But she wont say anything else. So i dont know whats up with her.

I dont have school right now, and i just sit at home, alone all day until 6:00 when my mom gets home. Then I just eat dinner, take a shower and start the same thing all over again. I have practically NO friends at all. And the few "friends" that i do have i dont see much at all.

Im just always sitting at home, alone pretty much ALL day depressed and lonely. dont even suggest talking to my mom or parents about it cuz i have tried and she didnt really understand or even attempt to do anything.

It's like im ALWAYS sad and depressed and lonely.

Please help me guys, i dont know what to do. My girlfriend was like my only source of happiness and now shes acting all strange.Health Question & Answer

step 1. GET OUT OF THE HOUSE. i don't care if you get a ride, take the bus, or walk. just get out. Being in the same enviroment can make things seem hopeless after a while
Step 2. once you're outside DO SOMETHING. check out some place new, go to a book store and befriend a clerk, hang out in a park...ANYTHING.
Step 3. tell your girl that you want to do something exciting together, like one of the new things your doing now. If things aren't going well, just suck it up and say "babe, i don't see you making much effort to have fun anymore, you may say you still love me and what not but i just don't see this working"

getting out and doing stuff will make such a huge diffrence, you can't imagine.Health Question & Answer

You might need attention.Health Question & Answer

What always helps me is to do do your fave things. Or you could switch up ur routine. Instead of waking up bored try to go take a walk outside, or (i know it sounds weird but) watch a scary movie. To make friends maybe u could go to the mall, library, pool any where people socalize. And for ur girlfriend, dump here. It is called girl"friend".If she isn't treating u like one, why waste ur time on her.? Some nice girl even better will come along.Health Question & Answer

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