My Mother Is a Control FREAK! HELP?!

Question: My Mother Is a Control FREAK! HELP.?
My parents are seperating, I'm 17, 18 in the summer.
It's good for them, I don't care. Now, they both want to go to Poland in the summer. Each by themselves. Each parent wants me to go. I feel guilty I can't go with one. My mom thinks she's going to force me to go to Poland with her for an entire month. I tried to cut that in half but she wouldn't see to it.

Since my cousin is getting married she expects me to go. I said no, that I had the right not to go, that i/'d be 18. She doesn't care says it has nothing to do with it. I understnd that out of respect maybe I should go, but I don't even know these people!!!

I have a BF I need to visit for a little this summer. It's something I have to do for myself. He has Cancer, he may not be around much longer that's another issue, but I can't go with my parents.

Mom says shes buying tickets after easter...How do I get her to stop.? Are they refundable.?


I just feel like ending it all, Im not looking forwards to this summer. Not at all. I feel so close to just stopping everything im so fed up and sick.

I told mom over the phone today that I'd move in with dad instead of her...And she kept saying angerily "You will not scare me with that again, that's the last time I hear of that.."

Shes such a control freak

P.S. My dads cool if I take a roadtrip...he said hed pay for it if I didnt go with mom...Health Question & Answer

Stand your ground. This is just the beginning if you submit to your mother. She's very unhealthy, and does not think of you or your feelings. That leaves you, you have to think of your feelings. You are thinking of your mother and yourself. She thinks only of herself. That means it's a one way street with her. No one can survive a relationship with someone under those conditions. Do what's best for you. You will be miserable and full of anger and powerlessness if you allow her to control you. You have nothing to win by submitting to her. She will continue to make you miserable even if you go with her.Health Question & Answer

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