Hallucinations. i really need help with this one.?!

Question: Hallucinations. i really need help with this one..?
welll.. you see i've been seein things here lately, like lights, shadow, and hearin things. but this mornin i got outta bed and was makin my bed when i noticed this centidped, bout three inches long crawlin on my bed then onto the floor. i picked up my shoe and began hittin it cuz i hate bugs. i hit it til it was into two pieces. by then my mom came in and asked what had happend. i told her what i had saw an did. but then i looked on the floor an nothin was there an my shoe wasn't even in my hand. why did i see a centiped.? what do the symbolize.?Health Question & Answer

I think seeing insects is common for people with schizophrenia. You should see a psychiatrist immediately and explain what happened and that you would like meds. For hallucinations medicine is the best way to get rid of them it worked for me and i have schizophrenia. It's a struggle but Jesus has been with me every step can't thank him enough. Trust in Jesus he will get you through this mess i know he is for me =) Take care and i truely hope you find help and peace God blessHealth Question & Answer

loveHealth Question & Answer

You probably need to get help. If your mom did not see the bug and you did I would say that professional assistance is needed.

I would suggest talking to a counselor or a therapist at first. Then move to the psychiatrist if you don't get satisfaction there.Health Question & Answer

I've done that before. I thought i saw a huge roach, grabbed a shoe and started slamming it across the ground to kill it. Then there was nothing there, i was hitting empty ground. It could symbolize psychosis.Health Question & Answer

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