I need a new obsession.....Any Ideas?!

Question: I need a new obsession.....Any Ideas.?
Well, I have a addictive personality, and gone through obsessive phases,
I was obsessed with

Anime- Inuyasa
-Y! answers
game-Bloons TD 3

I still LIKE these things....,but they aren't as exitin as they used to be....
Any suggestions for thing I can get obsessed with.? :DHealth Question & Answer

lmao.Health Question & Answer

I suggest you try these:

RuneScape; http://www.runescape.com/

Keep Yahoo Answers!!!

Polyvore!!!! http://www.polyvore.com/
[Its this kool Fashion Designing site. You gotta try it!]

YouTube; http://www.youtube.com/
[I am PrincessKASSY96, if you wanna know]

Hope these helped!

P.S, You can use a screen recorder to make RuneScape videos for YouTube! Just like this guy; http://www.youtube.com/user/TehNoobWorld
he is really famous because of RuneScape!!!Health Question & Answer

(Stopped Playing RuneScape)Health Question & Answer

im absolutely obsessed with Jane Austen!
if you dont know who she is, she wrote Pride & Prejudice, Emma, Northanger Abbey, Sense & Sensibility, Persuasion, and Mansfield Park. plus a couple other not as well known stories.
i own atleast 2 different versions of all the movies and im currently reading through all of her books.
she is an amazing author!!Health Question & Answer

Why don't you try channeling some of that energy towards changing the world. I once obsessed over improving the programs at the old peoples home. I obsessed over our family tree and studied Ellis Island for weeks finding my great grandparents journey here from Latvia.
Your obsessive nature is a really good thing. It takes that kind of focus
to really make a difference. Girls Inc is a great organization, maybe
help girls with homework after schhool. I know that I sound boring but,
you will feel great when you help to make the world a better place!
also, you could obsess over cooking, find a great recipe and give it a try.? Have you tried World of Warcraft.? That's fun too!Health Question & Answer

Haha nice. Well you could try maybe a guy or for some its just what their body does like inducing a sneeze. People find that to be a strange but weird sensation that keeps them from being bored. Maybe you should try that. If that doesn't work maybe just find something to do you could find something you like and become addicted to that. Just try it, it will probably work.Health Question & Answer

I find myself bored sometimes to lolHealth Question & Answer

Harry Potter books <3333
or you can play different games at Iwin.com and you can play full games for free only catch they have adverts in the middle of the level for like 15 seconds then right back to the game. And if you like reading a great author for girls is Sarah Dessen she has many books and all are wonderful!Health Question & Answer

HAMSTERS WITH BOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
RAIN DANCING!!!!!!!!!!!!

Warning: contents i listed shouldn't be tryed or by any means read for it is extremely annoying. And if i get any emails of complaints... IM SEWING!!!!!!!! thank you for reading. :)Health Question & Answer

.?ecruos ruoy s'tahWHealth Question & Answer

Zombie Panic Source, Hl2, Sven Co-op, Halo, Counter Strike, Left 4 dead. These are each very constructive and healthy for your body and mind. (these are all video games :D ) also Grand Theft AutoHealth Question & Answer

awsome people :D ........Health Question & Answer

Try making your own music videos using windows movie maker or similar program.
It's my current obsession and very addictive once you get started.Health Question & Answer

Lol addictive personality too, my obsession - physics. Hasn't changed in the past 20 years. =PHealth Question & Answer

tv show- trailer park boys- if you dont have direct tv you can watch it on youtubeHealth Question & Answer

Computer programming. Srusly its a lot of fun. Or maybe some kind of art.Health Question & Answer

Another language like spanish.Health Question & Answer

Photography.Health Question & Answer


A really addicting game. I've been playing for a while now.Health Question & Answer

boyfriend.?Health Question & Answer

Greeting cardsHealth Question & Answer

jk jk um my bro likes pokemon lolHealth Question & Answer

A GUYHealth Question & Answer

Stephen King books or 80's music :PHealth Question & Answer

meHealth Question & Answer

meHealth Question & Answer

Animals.. saving the world... going green..Health Question & Answer

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