Is rape ever the woman's fault?!

Question: Is rape ever the woman's fault.?
A woman goes out with a guy and he rapes her once. If she goes out with him again and he rapes her again is it her fought.? I'm saying that she didn't lead him on either time and tried to fight him off. Is either time her fought.?Health Question & Answer

NO, perhaps for whatever reason in her life or her mind she had poor judgment the second time but the rape is not her fault.

It is never the victims fault for this very obvious and simple reason.

No one can make another person do anything.

No one has special mind control powers. No one can make someone jump, kick a ball, dance, drive, etc. Only the person who does the action is at fault for the action they just did.

No one can make another person punch them repeatedly in the face no matter how much they taunt and regardless of the situation. Only the person who decides that punching is an option an acceptable option and decides to throw a punch is responsible for the punch. Other people in the same situation may not choose to punch someone or even consider that an option.

Same with rape or any other possible human action. The person who does the action chose to do it, they did it of their own volition. A million other people could be in the EXACT same position as a rapist and Never even consider raping someone let alone do it. So its not the situation or the victim. They didnt hold a gun to their rapists head and order them to rape. IT is a choice and a responsibility only of the one who makes that choice to commit rape.... and only a rapist will rape. Others would not given all the same scenarios that anyone could conceive of.Health Question & Answer

This is one of those things where you say :but i love him and he's sorry, so it's ok to go back: but it's not!
No, the rape isn't ber fault. But, she shouldn't of gone back.
I hope 'she' has learned her lesson not to go back to him, and I am deeply sorry for the scars this has left on 'her'Health Question & Answer

my heartHealth Question & Answer

Its never her fault.....the victim isn't at fault
its a physiological thing, she thinks shes safe or that there is no where else to go, he odiously has something wrong with him....
its not her fault, she couldn't prevent it, its the same thing with domestic violence.....Health Question & Answer

In my opinion, no. Rape is never the woman's fault. A woman should be able to hang out with, date, see, visit, or go anywhere without feeling the threat and danger of being raped or sexually abused.Health Question & Answer

Either that women is crazy and really likes the guy or just being abuse and not speaking out. It is not her fault the first time but the second time, yes, he already raped her once yet she when out with him again. How stupid and crazy is she.?Health Question & Answer

It's spelled Fault.
And NO of course it isn't. Rape is mental damaging, and she could be in fear of what would happen is she didn't agree to go back out with him.Health Question & Answer

I think the woman has issues, is the rape her fault, No. But she has issues.Health Question & Answer

Rape is always the womans fault.Health Question & Answer

Why would a woman go out with a guy who raped her.?Health Question & Answer

Not the first time but the second time ..Yes, because she put her self in that situation.Health Question & Answer

NO! It's wasn't her fault the first time.

As for the second time, she can only be faulted for having poor judgment.Health Question & Answer

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