Why am i thinking this if I'm only 14..?!

Question: Why am i thinking this if I'm only 14...?
OK. well I'm 14 and a guy.. lately Ive been noticing that girls like guys for all the wrong reasons. (sex, money, looks, reputation, to get to their friends, hook ups, things like that.) same for guys liking girls.

girls like "bad boys" that are always cheating on them, treating them badly, yet they stay with them.? some even date guys that have been to JAIL before and sometimes stay with them if they get back into it.?

and don't even pay attention to nice guys that really do love them and care about them... and just want to make them happy. but they don't care.

Very few people have any morals anymore. Society has pushed them to a point that they think they need to be horrible people to be accepted. And that no one will like them if they are a virgin, or dont drink, or smoke. so on...

i can see the world is going to hell.. and no one can stop it..

governments get corrupt, Dynasties fall, everything dies, nothing is eternal.

if THESE youth are the future, who would want to live in it.? it will get worse with each generation..

Why am i thinking like this.? Is this normal for my age.?.? Are these more mature thoughts than most people at my age have.?Health Question & Answer

You are ahead of your age, and ahead of what some of your peers will not reach for years after collage. It is good that you see this, all you need are some good friends, maybe older, to share your moral background with to prevent you from doing really stupid stuff. You are ahead, but it is good, stay ahead, and dont make bad choices. you are one of the last of a dyeing breed, you are sensible. There are going to be people in their seventies someday that cant figure this out. Give yourself a pat on the back and hold your head high.Health Question & Answer

Well maybe you have been hanging around with the wrong girls. You are very mature and yes it is normal for you to be thinking about this stuff, i mean how can you avoid not seeing whats going on in the world.? Anyways from my point of vu I think that you are just fine.Health Question & Answer

Hmmm I'm 14 and I think a lot like that. Girls when there younger want to do spontaneous fun stuff and bad boys can sometimes do that for them. But later girls go for the good guys. Or girls see the bad guy as a charity case In which they have to fix to make into a perfect good guy.Health Question & Answer

Its normal, and im just like u but older, girls will always like the bad guys and then when they need somebody to talk to about it they come to us, its just life. And just remember, from my own experiene those guys that are bad and all wind up with nothing in the end.Health Question & Answer

dude you have seen to many movies and are generalizing. in fact in the US the marriage success rate has reached 50%. however our society is going to H e L L in a hand basket. regardless of how others act you should do the right thing. your sins are between you and god in the end so keep that connection open.Health Question & Answer

these are very mature thoughts.

consider yourself lucky. you are decent and know what's right and wrong. you are the lucky one. keep on going. there are people like you out there that think the same way you do.Health Question & Answer

lol you, like me, look at the bigger problems. Although I'm not sure why people love things that harm them. It may be love or maybe just the thrill of a challenge. We will never know. Not everyone is like that.Health Question & Answer

i think its sweet tht u think that, im 14 to, i dont want som1 like tht, its just like cus there the only ones who want u cus it seems that there are no more people like you left to b loved byeHealth Question & Answer

Stay the way you are for the rest of your life...the world needs you!

If you...
THINK about these things at 14...you will...
DENY them at 24....
PROTEST them at 34...
CHALLENGE them at 44....
and CHANGE them forever.

~ All Good Things Come To Those Who...THINK! ~Health Question & Answer

It's cause they're stupid and haven't matured yet

when they're in their forties they regret ever having a kid with the inmate hahaHealth Question & Answer

Im your age and completely understand. The morals are rotting along with the world they are trying to uphold. Damn the human species...Health Question & Answer

congrats your a bigboy with big boy thoughtsHealth Question & Answer

me dumbassHealth Question & Answer

most people think the same wayHealth Question & Answer

i hear yah! that is exactly how i feel im 15 LOL and i just hate thinking of itHealth Question & Answer

no ,thats normalHealth Question & Answer

I'm 14 Too, but I'm a girl. I think a lot of the same way. Email me at KAWx1994@aim.com if you wanna know more.

I know i don't feel that way. I just want somebody who would love me and actually care about me.

I dated and 18 year old this year, I told him parts of my past that are rough for me, i actually opened up to him and he just pushed for sex. Keep in mind at that time we were dating less then two days. Although i told him countless times i wanted to stay pure until marriage (laugh if you want I'm proud of my choice) He had the "bad boy" imagine and now i dont understand why us girls are attracted to that.

also, Guys usually go for the hot, slutty easy to get girls that they know will cheat, break their hearts, or that they will have no emotional connection with. Why.? I dont know but i believe in both cases its just human nature.

Honestly, who knows if were "normal" But what is normal.? Would you even want to be in the norm i know i wouldnt. I'm glad i can actually think for myself and be who i am and hold my morals and valuesHealth Question & Answer

--Kristen, I'm sorry if i sounded insane.Health Question & Answer

It may be more normal for your age than you might think. Society is more corrupt than ever, and many people feel out of place. These thoughts may seem to be exceptionally "mature" only because other people your age seem so shallow. In fact, they may be just as discontent as you are, but they choose to deal with their feelings by "escaping" through thrill-seeking. My faith in Christ and love for others keeps me going. You need to learn not to focus on the negativity of others but rather on how you can be a positive influence in the world. Try to become involved in your community through volunteering for charity work, and then you will not only see that there is good in the world but also realize that you can be a part of it!Health Question & Answer

i'm pretty much thinking the same thing!

i'm fifteen and all these girls i know date these complete losers and some nice guys i know date such sluts that aren't even good girlfriends. it goes both ways, it's not just the girls dating the bad boys. i can see why a girl would date a 'bad boy' just to try it out but if he didn't treat her right, she should leave. i don't see why girls stay with guys that arent good to them!
how can our generation make descisions when some of them don't have enough sense to leave a relationship when someone starts hitting or mistreating them!.?
sometimes i feel like i'm the only one in my whole highschool who actually has some sense :/Health Question & Answer

i suggest suicide, its the easy way out...no more problems

or you should smoke some weed and drink some you pussy, im 14 too and i smoke and drink on a regular basis, its all good mother ******Health Question & Answer

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