Do you ever just want to give up on life?!

Question: Do you ever just want to give up on life.?
I'm 16 years old in high school, and I've had it and don't know what to do. I worry so much about my future and college, whether I'm going to be successful or not. I fear that I might disappoint my dad, I feel like I am already since I'm not as good as he wants me to be in school. I have also been trying to deal with my weight, I constantly keep getting called fat by my two sisters and everyone around me wants to me to be skinny. I don't mind my curves, I agree i should lose about 20 lbs but I'm not at the point where I'm obese or even that much over weight. With all the stress and worries, and me thinking what if all the time, just makes me say screw life and i end up binging. My dad is always saying I'm not good enough in school, and that a 3.6 won't get me to a good college and that I am bound to go to a community college. All I want is to make him proud. He always dreamt of me becoming a doctor and I feel like I have to accomplish that whether I like it or not just to get his approval. I've been thinking more and more about dying. I have come to a conclusion that it's better for me to die than having my dad nagging at me on everything I do wrong. He constantly yells at me when we practice driving, and I get too nervous and mess up even more. always telling me my grades suck, saying I'm too shy, and that am too lazy. I have broken down multiple times. I want to make the people around me happy and I don't feel that I've brought joy to anyone
's life. I've wished that I could just die, but I want to change it's just I'm losing hope fast. Please give me some advice!Health Question & Answer

Have you tried talking to your dad (like, a heart-to-heart talk.?) or your mom about this.? I'm 16 too.

Nobody can push you around like that. Nobody can tell you you're fat when you know you aren't. Do what YOU think is right. Do what makes YOU happy. Your dad obviously doesn't understand what truly matters in life. I bet he's a materialistic, ambitious prig who's risking his relationship with his own daughter to fulfill his OWN failed dream of becoming a doctor himself (no offence). His false idea of success is getting stinking rich. He thinks wealth begets happiness. I know a lot of people like that - not only do they NEVER make themselves happy, they never make the people around them happy. They begin to USE other people for their own purposes (yes, even their own families).

He's putting way too much pressure on you. Let go! Just do your best, and if he still complains, IGNORE him. Once YOU make YOURSELF happy, he'll eventually realize that he's dead wrong about you (any loving father would be more than satisfied to see his daughter stable in life). If you don't want to be a doctor, then by all means, DON'T be. Again, do what makes YOU happy. Think about your future - dream, fly, and don't let anyone hold you back.

Don't let peer pressure get in the way, either. You are NOT fat. Besides, fat people were all the rage in Europe during the 17th-18th centuries. Cheer up!

I've no doubt that you're father loves you dearly; just try to understand him and talk to him. Try to change yourself too if you really think you can do better (again, I've no doubt you're already doing your best to impress your dad).

You don't have to earn ANYONE'S approval except God's - and His approval isn't very hard to gain - at least not as hard as your dad's...
Pray. Pray. Pray.Health Question & Answer

NO. I'm 17. I have Jesus in my life. He gives me His hope and peace. :)

I'm not living in a fantasy, if that's what some non-believers assume. He lives.

Brittany W: Prove them wrong. :) GO!Health Question & Answer

sometimes but everytime i do i think to myself : if i give up i will def never become an actress [that's my dream that no one things i can do] well listen up people i will prove you wrong!!!Health Question & Answer

I don't think that you should wish that you could die, it's a hard subject but, just don't give up and lose hope.Health Question & Answer

I sent you an email xHealth Question & Answer

haha its true
girls never stfu!Health Question & Answer

Hey its ok, your dad just wants the best for you. thats why he wants you to get better than a 3.6 a 3.6 is extreamly good, he is trying to push you to be better, because he wants you to be the best person you can be, he wants you to grow up successful, and you will, as long as you stay away from drugs and ppl that dont care about their future you are on the right course. I am 15 and I goto jr high to. My parents are always on my *** to. But I know that they care about me and want the best for me. dont drive with your dad anymore. My mom used to do that to me to so I dont drive with her. when you are driving and someone is yelling at you you cant concentrate on what you are doing. Idk your dad but if you think its a good idea try telling him to please stop yelling at you because you cant concentrate and you dont want to get in an accident. and dont worry about your weight so much, everyone is a little over weight, im not over weight myself but I have friends that could lose a few pounds but they are as happy as ever, dont let anything get you down, cheer up smile, everyday go to school with a smile, show the world that you want to make it a better place, thats what I doHealth Question & Answer

hey, dont worry,
and even if u do get something u dont want to work as when u get older, there is always tafe etc. and, if no one did this job, then who will.?.?.?
i live a similar life to urs, sort of, and i dont stress that much. going for morning walks for 1/2 hr will really boost ur energy level and loose some calories, and u dont even have to put much effort. while ur out walking, u can probably even see how ur town looks so early. dont think of these thoughts too deeply. just chill
read a book or something. u gotta learn to stick up fr urself.
my friend, has the lowest marks in the world, but her dad gives negative comments, she has soo many talents, but she follows what her dad says, and she wants to work at a chemist, because her dad told her to. in a health class, we got told to draw our dreams in the future, and she drew birds and butterflies to be free.

Dont worry about the future too much, ull learn to live with what comes.Health Question & Answer

Don't do this to yourself. The people around you are cruel with their remarks and you have to remember, they don't always have to be in your life. In a few short years, you will be able to go to college or to work. You will be in control of your life and able to surround yourself with people who appreciate you. Your time to prove yourself is coming soon and you have to be here to enjoy it! In the time you have at home, try to surround yourself with positive people who love and appreciate you. Do things for yourself and always strive to be better than those around you. Be positive and forgiving. Be comfortable with yourself and your choices. Soon, you will be an adult and can limit your exposure to those that bring you down. You have a life to live for yourself-not for anyone else! Be confident and patient. You have the world ahead of you.

A good place to find people that strive to be positive and build self esteem is a website called My Inner World. You should look it up and try some of the activities. It might help you focus on being confident with yourself. Hope this helps!Health Question & Answer

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