I'm afraid I'm going to kill myself?!

Question: I'm afraid I'm going to kill myself.?
I'm scared and upset. Just a little while ago I was fine.

I know I won't hurt myself, but these thoughts come into my mind every once in a while, and I'm really scared.

I'm on 100mg for anxiety/depression of zoloft which has helped, but I don't feel stable right now with this all of a sudden, and my heart palptations are starting to come back as a symptom of the anxiety. It feels like the zoloft is wearing off even though I've been using it for probably 3 months now maybe 4.

I'm seeing my phychiatrist tomorrow morning, but I'm going to have trouble telling him.

I don't even know why I feel like this anymore.? I seem to have an ok life to me.

Why do I feel this way.? I've been feeling good, until last weekend, and from there it's sorta been a downfall.

I go to bed every night now really late, and I wake up, and just sit in my bed, and I don't want to come out.Health Question & Answer

i know it is going to be hard to tell him but try to remember he is there to help and he can only do that if you tell him exactly how you are feeling. try writing down how you feel and what you are experiencing tonight and in the morning. i do that someitmes when i go as it just seems easier to hand them a piece of paper with it all on there as opposed to saying it all. depression is a funny thing. you have your ups and downs and some medicine may not work for you as well as another. that is another reason why you need to tell him. he could prescribe a new medicine for you that might help you better or he could add another medicine to take with the zoloft that will help too. the main thing is to find what works for you and to talk to him about this. for tonight if you start to feel really bad and can't calm down i would goto the emergency room. they will be able to help you there and if you don't want to do that, at the very least tell someone like your parents, or a trusted friend how you are feeling and see if they can stay close to you tonight.Health Question & Answer

Sit down and take a deep breath.
If you don't think you can find the words to tell your psychiatrist what's wrong, write it down NOW on a piece of paper, and give it to him tomorrow.
This will help you.
And if ever you feel like hurting yourself, even though you think you won't, don't hesitate to call the police or to call your psychiatrist up on the phone--you do have his number, don't you.?

Best of luck, and get well soon!Health Question & Answer

c-roy, suicide is truly the,"easy way out." It is selfish and cowardly. If you do decide to commit suicide, which I find completely unacceptable, please contact me first. I'll give you a ride to the bank, you rob them. If your shot in the process no love lost, if you get the cash, I take ya to commit suicide and we're both happy. Get a grip bud.Health Question & Answer

School of Hard Knocks.......Mostely around the head neck and shoulders.Health Question & Answer

There something that's probably bothering you. Think about what it may be. Making sure you comfortable with your psychiatrist may also be of help. Seek help and remember that your not alone facing these problemsHealth Question & Answer

I can't help you because i really don't know what to say. But I starred your question and hope somebody else can. good luck.Health Question & Answer

I had the exact problem. Don't think that way at all life to beautiful trust me you just need to go out and hang out with friends to keep you busy and have fun and if you don't have friends go out by yourself and go take a walk and really see the world smell the grass see the people really look at the world and see how nice it is. Sometimes we feel that way because we think we lost it all. But we didn't. Trust me omg i was really depressed for 4 years of my life for dropping out of high school just thinking about seeing my friends come over and telling me about school and i was in my house hiding. My neighbors though i was away in college but i wasn't i was inside hiding in my house, my guilt of leaving my best years of life. Now im 21 and i snapped. I was sitting in my house and thinking why was life this way and that way but its how we think it is and if we make it the worst then it is, because we make it that way. Or we could make it the best. Just dont ever think or consider doing that. Sometimes we cant control our thoughts mentally but we can control are actions. The next morning i woke up i saw myself in the mirror and said no more Sad, depressed,anxious, girl its over im alive i will not hide or be sad and i threw all my medication.Health Question & Answer

Right down all the positive and good things in your life on a piece of paper. :) Think about every single thing in your life that has made you happy etc.

Look over them all the time when your feeling down. Start now. :)

Anytime you're feeling that you want to harm yourself, call someone immediately. This is important. :) Someone cares about you, out there. Even if it's a stranger, family member, friend. :)

Make sure you tell your psychiatrist everything. If you want to get better, you have to tell exactly how your feeling.

You have our support. Feel free to e-mail anyone of us for encouraging words!Health Question & Answer

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