Comparison of Lexapro to Effexor or Paxil?!

Question: Comparison of Lexapro to Effexor or Paxil.?
Can anyone who has taken Lexapro compare it to either Effexor or Paxil.? I am just curious how you liked it in comparison. I am not considering switching to it myself because I'm very happy with Effexor, but I would just like to know for a friend who has never taken antidepressants before but is in dire need of them. I am suggesting he take either Paxil or Effexor because those have worked best for me, but will also tell him to consider Lexapro if it is similar or better. We both have virtually the same disorders: depression, general anxiety, and social anxiety.Health Question & Answer

I have manic depression, social anxiety, and general anxiety as well and I have been on all these medications. From my own experience I would never suggest that anyone goes on Lexapro. My reason is because my insurance ran out when I was on it and I wasn't able to buy it because it was very expensive out of pocket paying. So since I wasn't able to get it I went through m a j o r withdrawls to the point that I got extremely sick. I called my mental health care provider at the time and told him what happened and he said I should have told him sooner and never should of just went off of it. He ended up giving me samples to ween me off of it so I wouldn't continue to get sick. Paxil on the other hand has worked fantastic for me in the past and Effexor as well. I am now on Cymbalta for my depression because I also suffer from chronic pain due to a back injury. Cymbalta helps me with my depression and my chronic pain and that is the only reason I went on it. I was on Effexor before Cymbalta and it worked great for my depression but not so much for chronic pain. I would recommend Paxil, Effexor, or Cymbalta. But bottom line is antidepressants work differently for people. What helps me may not help you. And want helps you may not help your friend. That's why there are so many antidepressants out there. Doctors have to play around with medications to find which one is going to work best for each individual. So I would let your friends doctor make that decision. But if your friend is depressed then this should be taken care of asap. Hope I helped. Depression does suck and finding the right medication is hard but you eventually get there. LOLHealth Question & Answer

Bipolar -manic depressive disorder, and anxiety disordersHealth Question & Answer

i had a friend and he took lexapro and it was the only one that worked for him. he tried effexor and paxil and did not do too much. but although the effexor works for you it might not work for him. he should visit the doctor and let them decide what would be the right one for him to take.Health Question & Answer

well unless your related, what works for you has no real basis on what will work for him.Health Question & Answer

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