What's wrong with me??? i'm going crazy!!! help please =[?!

Question: What's wrong with me.?.?.? i'm going crazy!!! help please =[.?
i'm a girl 13 thats not me in the avatar im not that pretty

I'm going crazy i have depression anxieety and i get aggravated with my life and everything
its really hard for me because i come from a different country when i was 9 and i have stuttering and problem with english
i go suicital i cut myself all over my body i make my mom cry because she cant help me with my condition and i want this to stop
ive been at a mental hospital for a week and it hasnt helped me and today i just took and destroyed my room COMPLETELY i trew everything around and i broke everything in it i really need help
i feel terrible watching my mom cry i cant help it so please dont be rude please help
and yes i see a therapist and i am homeschooled because i cant be around ppl i cry everyday and i have NO friends =[
i want to dieHealth Question & Answer

If you're suicidal, you need therapy and most likely medication. You'll just have to keep at it. It's good that you're asking the question, it means that your rational mind has identified that your brain chemistry is ******* with you and making you feel feelings that aren't justified by your experiences.

Hang in there, nothing's so intense after high school. You're not alone, a lot of people are ****** up and have ****** up youth, it builds character and makes people interesting.

Tell your mother you love her.

Nobody in the real world is ever as cruel as kids at school. Ignore them, or call them out for acting like immature children. It works a lot more than descending to their level.

Cutting is addictive, like cigarrettes, only there's no razor patch for coming off of it. You just gotta go cold turkey. I've seen old women with scar farms. You don't want something so lasting.Health Question & Answer

it sounds like you need more intense therapy combined with medication. have you tried writing down your feelings when you get angry and sad.?.? sometimes it helps to write it down. i would keep a journal of your feelings and when you go to the doctor show it to them and they can see how you are feeling at the time in which you are feeling the worst and they might be able to provide you with therapy more appropriate for you. good luck. =)Health Question & Answer

I wish i knew what to say other than I hope you get better.Health Question & Answer

Hope you do well.Health Question & Answer

First you need to stay as calm as you can when you get angry. To do this you will need to recognize when you are angry, tell everyone else that you are angry (without yelling or throwing or anything violent), go be alone until you calm down. To help calm down use an old pillow or teddy bear that you don't mind throwing away and cut that up. Rip it, even throw it. Don't hit anyone else or yourself. If this doesn't work, tell your mom to hug you if you want. You need to feel that someone cares, and your mother does or she would not cry for you. You can cry to your mother, it's okay that's what she's there for. Tell her that you are sorry for getting angry, but you got really frustrated. If this doesn't work, try this...every time you get angry, think about something that makes you smile and laugh and feel really good inside. I love cookies, so I think of my favorite cookies, and it helps. Try this out and see the results. You have to really try not to cut yourself and get angry, you don't get happy over night. Try your hardest to do these things when you get angry.Health Question & Answer

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