Seriously Paranoid...?!

Question: Seriously Paranoid....?
Seriously Paranoid
Ah! This is pissing me off... Seems like everywhere I go, and everything I do, it feels like someone's following/spying/watching me...
Your probably thinking of that son Somebody's Watching Me, and that I'm joking, but this is freaking serious... I seriously cant wash my hair without my eyes open...
I have heavy, thick black material hanging over all of my windows, I have a shotgun and a blunt club at my door, I can barely sleep at night, I have to leave all the lights on, the televisions on, etc... and its driving me crazy...
Isn't this some type of symptom I have.? like Paranoia or some bs like that.? Is there a sort of therapist I could go to.?
Need Help Bad!Health Question & Answer

It sure sounds like these thoughts you have are impacting your life to a major degree. Only a doctor or therapist can determine if you have something like OCD or another form of mental illness. Please about making an appointment as soon as possible. I'd suggest starting with a doctor - likely a psychiatrist. also, it's a good thing you are asking for help. It's actually a sign of strength - not weakness. I wish you well, and relief from these bad thoughts you are having.Health Question & Answer

I'm a nurse.Health Question & Answer

yeah i would for sure go to a therapist. you sound like you are very paranoid and it is becoming very disruptive for you. just make sure you find a doc you like and you feel comfortable talking to . it is very important to tell them exactly how you feel so they can provide you with the best treatment.Health Question & Answer

it seems like you have a serious case of should soo a therapist.. you can google and see if you can find any in your area, its probaly a simple solution.. hope everything goes well hope you get betterHealth Question & Answer

bypolar paranoid brother in law lolHealth Question & Answer

If u feel ur being stalked(I kno that feeling) well first of course it would be sensible to go to a therapist but i think i have a better solution.
i would get 2 or 3 friends and go to a quiet place.
then meditate and relax. ur friends r around so u have no fear of trouble.
at night just sit up alittle or have a friend come over :]
hope that helpedHealth Question & Answer

Go to a therapist your not the only one that is like this. Its ok its just some sort of type of anxsiety or phobia.Health Question & Answer

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Whether or not you need help depends on if anyone has tried to steal your teeth.

If they have, then your feelings are perfectly legit.

If not, then go eat some bacon, then find a good therapist.Health Question & Answer

SteveHealth Question & Answer

you should just see a therapist, most will be able to help you, even a general practitionerHealth Question & Answer

you could be under demonic oppression try going to a Baptist Church and talk to a pastor about itHealth Question & Answer

see any type of therapist, they can help you/diagnose you
I hope you feel betterHealth Question & Answer

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