Am I crazy? (about weight)?!

Question: Am I crazy.? (about weight).?
I was weight 120lbs for few years, I never lose weight or gain..It's always same 120lbs for few years, and few weeks ago it's starting lose weight a lots I weight now 115lbs. I was thinking that I look at myself, I look same and nothing are new, and still want to lose weight. but I am 5'0 or 4'11. and I want more lose weight because I don't see anything that I lose weight...because few peoples telling me that "you look lose weight" I was like "really.?!" I don't see anything..Am I CRAZY.?Health Question & Answer

i really don't think you need to lose any weight. you sound like you are skinny enough. you won't notice the weight loss but others will as they don't look at you all the time as you do when you are getting ready to go places and what not. i am 5'6 and i was 125 and lost 10lbs and i am not really sure how cause i was not trying but everyone noticed and said i looked sickly. thankfully i was able to gain it back. there is a difference between being a good healthy weight and being too skinny. i would talk to someone and try and get some help.Health Question & Answer

no....its natural...but you should do some type of which you can decrease your weight little bitHealth Question & Answer

no. your going to see changed once they get drastic
dont let it get that bad
yur weight isnt too badHealth Question & Answer

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