Ways my son can get closer to his father?!

Question: Ways my son can get closer to his father.?
He's 15. His father lives about 10mins away, but there is very little contact : 2x a year-christmas day and another day in the spring or summer( but they are always with his wife and his teenage and 20 yr old step/brother n sister. His dad always fowards funny pictures and jokes to him, but we can see these are fwd'd to many people, not just him.
My son has a youtube channel and makes videos of him and his friends and even how they scared me... I thought this would be a cool, non thrreatening way to get his dad's attention. So he wrote him a short email, with a link to his youtube.com videos.

My son (nearly, but didn't) break down a week or so ago, wipeing tears away, saying no one know the pain he has suffered growing up without his father. His father is really a stranger he sees 2x a yr.
It's hurt my heart for 15 yrs.
But i never let it show. And I have always, in memories of his dad, talked good of him, and good memories. I have never dwelled on negative stuff about his dad at all. But I never have made him into some super hero, either.
His father married a lady with 2 kids, when he was 6. ( his father and his wife have no kids of their own). Her own 17 and 20 yr old hardly see her.(the 20 yr old has been living with her own father a coupleyrs now. The 17 year old, goes to his father's everyday,after school, until 8 pm, or so. He stays with his father, and sister all every weekend, and alllll summer. Those two have never been close to the mother.

My son is not fond of her, as you might imagine.

Any ideas how he can try to make a closer relationship with his dad.?
I think sharing the link to the video's he makes and are also in, is a good start.

We don't know if he's opened that email yet.

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any man can be a father, but it takes a real man to be a dad.

if this guy doesnt want to be a part of your sons life, thats his problem! i cant imagine how it hurts your son to not have a father figure in his life, but you have to ask yourself could actually having this man in your sons life hurt him more.?Health Question & Answer

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