Am I bipolar? Or whats wrong with me.?!

Question: Am I bipolar.? Or whats wrong with me..?
I have major mood swings. One minute I can be cussing you out, then hugging you the next. I have two personalities. Im overly obsessive. Im super parniod. If i hear the slightest noise i freak out. I can be all happy one minute then depressed the next. I will just be sitting on the couch watching tv and just start to cry even though im not watching anything sad. I forget everything! I can put my phone done then the next second be asking where i put it. I can sit on my bed and hold a conversation with myself for hours. And alot more stuff around those lines.
Im 14 years old,btw. oh & i have been through alot in my life.
I tend to get dark bags under my eyes and im always tired. even though i get enough sleep.Health Question & Answer

You can rule out bipolar. Contrary to popular belief, the mood swings in Bipolar disorder do not happen in a second. It

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