Grades help and symptoms of a.d.d or a.d.h.d?!

Question: Grades help and symptoms of a.d.d or a.d.h.d.?
im a high-school student not very good at math like most people and im failing 3 almost 4 classes. i was never good at it and never passes any of my state exams such as CAT 6 and any of my grades growing up from kindergarten to 9th so far. i failed math last year and barely passed my classes.being born premature might have had effects in my educational and social life but i don't know. im in pretty good shape and i have some friends but i can hardly focus at school and activities. i hardly can complete any projects and Procrastinate alot on school work. i am very fidgety and need to always move and cannot stay on task. could this be signs of a.d.h.d or a.d.d my parents don't believe me.? thanks for all the help you give me.Health Question & Answer

The most common symptoms of ADHD are:

1. Impulsiveness: acting before thinking of consequences, jumping from one activity to another, disorganization, tendency to interrupt other peoples' conversations.

2. Hyperactivity: restlessness, often characterized by an inability to sit still, fidgeting, squirminess, climbing on things, restless sleep.

3. Inattention: easily distracted, day-dreaming, not finishing work, difficulty listening.

The DSM-IV categorizes the symptoms of ADHD into three clusters, referred to as subtypes: (1) Inattentive; (2) hyperactive/impulsive; and (3) combined. Most people exhibit some of these behaviors but not to the point where they significantly interfere with a person's work, relationships, or studies. ADHD may accompany other disorders such as anxiety or depression.Health Question & Answer

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