Should I move out, as I I fear loneliness?!

Question: Should I move out, as I I fear loneliness.?
My dad constantly talks about negative events in the world, and all the violence, and hatred. It disturbs me, to such a degree that it often makes me fell anxious. Yet I realise, that if I move away I could lose my contact with my parents, and other social ties. I know loneliness also has an effect on my mental health, too, as it has made me feel "psychotic", when I have found myself alone.Health Question & Answer

Why do you think you would lose contact with your parents if you moved away.? Plenty of kids move away from home is doesn't mean they lose contact.? It's called 'Growing Up.'
If that's the sort of talk you have got from your father on a regular basis, probably all your life, then no wonder you are anxious and have mental health problems. Anxiety is fear, fear of life which you seem to have inherited from your father.
Moving away is probably the best thing you can do so you won't have that negative influence in your life so much, that way there is no reason why you can't get and sort your mental health problems, because I assure you you really can with some help.
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Moving out doesn't have to mean being alone - if you ensure that you have a fairly solid network of friends and family who you want to keep contact with, then you can make sure that this continues after you move.

also the independence you learn while making your own decisions in life is priceless - you would probably develop a more healthy view of the world.Health Question & Answer

Yeah just tell him, "oh wells, we all gonna die anyway, so whats the point of scaring me dad!.?"
He probably just cares about your safety but if you explain and tell him that this isnt helping you, hopefully he can shut up.

Thats like my mom, its annoying full time! And i hate it when she says that coz yeah i agree with you, it does makes you anxious as they are your parents and you look up to them automatically.

yeah i think you should move out if its afecting you badly. Or maybe try staying with your friends for maybe a wek, and see if your mind set has change.

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i totally understand what you are going through, my dad is the same way. i think that if his pessimism impacts you in a negitive way then you should move out, i visit my dad every break i can (live with my mom) and when im there all i want to do is leave ! i know that you fear loneliness, so ask a friend to move into an apartment with you. and dont move far far away from your parents, stay within a couple miles from there house. i hope this helps youHealth Question & Answer

try this free technique, and then share it with your dad., if ;you want to..... tell him you need more postitive in your life...
you can not let how others feel effect you this way....even if it is your family....
then maybe you could both see a naturopathic doc and have your hormones tested for imbalances, which can cause all kinds of negative feelings if out of wack... or do it yourselfHealth Question & Answer
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Tell your dad how you feel and if he cant understand ignore him and he will catch the hintHealth Question & Answer

Just don't ignore him with a good way!Health Question & Answer

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