Is this weird behaviour?!

Question: Is this weird behaviour.?
My mum came into my hotel room, sat on the bed next to me, and then she stuck her face right close to me, as if to really annoy me, like too close for comfort. She confessed my dad snored too much, and she wanted to spend the night with me. I feel like she's deliberately trying to annoy me.Health Question & Answer

I do not understand why your mother would like to do that, I mean, to annoy you, unless there is something wrong with her. Everything is possible. But try to tell her that you do not like it, be nice, polite, but make your point. You have all the right to defend your space and your persona, even in these little things, there is nothing wrong in you telling her that. But be always nice, don't forget that she is your mother.Health Question & Answer

many things can be hid without your notice..i think she's either trying to get close to you and lied about your dad snoring i mean come on they've been married and suddenly now he's snoring,, she may be up to something, or she just wants to spend a harmless night with her daughter...Health Question & Answer

Relax, you are over-sensitive.

She is your mum, why does she want to annoy you.?Health Question & Answer

Maybe she just needs sleep. Why would she deliberately try to annoy you.? Just go to sleep.Health Question & Answer

No, but be tolarable.Health Question & Answer

What age are you, maybe then be easier answer.Health Question & Answer

HaHa What a weird question!Health Question & Answer

Just realx.Health Question & Answer

well she may be tring to just get some rest or just take this time to bond with you... she not getting any younger u know.Health Question & Answer

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