Do you need a person's consent to send them to therapy?!

Question: Do you need a person's consent to send them to therapy.?
Specifically, does a parent need a teen's consent to send them to a therapist if they really need it.? I'm not asking this for me, it's for someone else.Health Question & Answer

if the teen is under 16 then no they dont need their consent to send them but you might have heard the term "you can lead a horse to water but you cant make it drink"
The same applies here. the teen can physically be taken to therapy but they cannot be forced to talk

What you should remember though is that parents do the best they can for their kids and wouldnt send a child to therapy if they didnt think it would help. And if the child thinks they dont need therapy then the best way to prove that surely would be to talk to the therapist.Health Question & Answer

I have actually had therapy after a bereavement. I didnt think i needed it til i had been for a few sessions and was able to see the change in myselfHealth Question & Answer

it depends on the age of the teen, 16 and 18 are vital ages, i am not sure of the laws of australia, but in england if they are over 16 then you need their consent unless they are "a danger to themself or others"

if you feel they are a danger then you should speak to the therapist first and discuss the situation with a qualified professional before you proceed to the next stepHealth Question & Answer

no, my parents did it to me...i came home one day, and right before i went to be they were like, up before 9 tomorrow, and idk, they took me there, i had no idea whats going sucked...i absolutly hated parent should really ever do that, because thats forcing therapy on someone who might really not need it in the first place, there parents might just have misconceptions.Health Question & Answer

i think it really depends on local laws, meaning state or country
but usually you need some outside opinions before you can.
usually a doctor has to be involved some how. I would check
with a local lawyer or police and check on the law.Health Question & Answer

If under 16, noHealth Question & Answer

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