Panic girl i have a social disorder and get lots of panic attacks im very parinoid around large crowds and ive?!

Question: Panic girl i have a social disorder and get lots of panic attacks im very parinoid around large crowds and ive.?
be happy anyone that has been through this i would love to here some advice or suggestions thanksHealth Question & Answer

My panic attacks have become so frequent and out of nowhere, I am on Xanax.

Being on medication still does not stop all of the attacks but sure helps. I normally will take Xanax in the morning so I can drive to work and again in the afternoon. On the weekend when I am at home, I am not as anxious and normally try and do without the med. If an attack comes I breathe slowly and count, erasing my mind of all thoughts and focus on my breathing.

It is harder when I have an attack at work though and it has happened.
(forgot my xanax at home) I get embarrassed and cannot concentrate and worry what others are thinking. I try to go outside or find a conference room, however other co-workers freek out when they see it and have actually called EMS.

My suggestion to you is medication, sounds like you are like me and it does control the attacks. The only bad thing is anxiety medications like Xanax and Clonazepam are very addictive. I became dependent on it and if fail to take it my anxiety is worse.

Good luck to you!Health Question & Answer

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I have social anxiety disorder and I have panic attacks at least once or twice a week, but when I have one I violently shake and during school, it gets everyone's attention and that makes it worse. I made a list about things I like about myself, and things I don't. All the good things I tried to enhance, I guess you could say, and the bad things I tried to change. You could try that.? And I can't be in large crowds either so I suggest not even trying to be in a big crowd.

I hope this helped, good luck. :)Health Question & Answer

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Did you know that panic, fear, anxiety are all emotions felt when the adrenal hormones are out of balance... and it could be all that this is,
A naturopathic doc trained in balancing hormones can check yours and rebalance them... regular doctors dont do this well, if at all and the 'normal' range of theirs excludes all but the most severe imbalances.... so you could still be out of balance effecting you a lot....Health Question & Answer
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