Help...i think my friend has bulimia?!

Question: Help...i think my friend has bulimia.?
I am really worried about my friend she has been annorexic since the 6th grade but now I think she is bulimic she always goes to the bathroom b4 she eats and she looks like shes getting worse i dont know wut to do any advice.?Health Question & Answer

well, dont jump to conclusions, cuz some people just like goin to the bathroom before they eat, like me...i cantt eat if i have to pee...its weird...but since she does have a history of an eating disorder. then its possible.
i would try to talk to her, or someone else about it.Health Question & Answer

If she is anorexic and bulimic she should look for medical counseling. It is a very serious disorder that needs the attention of an specialist. It can kill her, since the person is unable to measure reality. There is a representation for this disorder, it is of an extremely skinny girl in front of a mirror, but what she sees in the mirror is the image of a fat girl. You should get the attention of her parents, these individuals hide their disease very well and even when they look very skinny, their family think that they are alright. There was a very popular singer with the most beautiful voice, Karen Carpenter that had this disorder and died at the young age of 33, she starved herself for years, it is very sad. In most cases the patient has deaf ears to any advise and has to be taken to see a doctor against her will. Good luck to your friend!Health Question & Answer

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