How do I not be so obsessive...?!

Question: How do I not be so obsessive....?
I'm 16 and I've been obsessive over crushes. I can't help it I just do... And I know it's not a good thing. My ex crush HATES HATES HATES me now because of it, and it annoys my current do I not be so obsessive.? How do I teach myself to stop texting, calling, clingy.?Health Question & Answer

It sounds like you have some self esteem issues. People, particularly teenagers, who have low self esteem tend to show their low self esteem by trying to get good feelings about themselves from the outside rather than the inside. So, trying to get others to respond to you by obsessively contacting them or whatever is a way that you may be trying to get some attention, which might make you feel better about yourself. What if you get involved in something that is for you rather than trying to get your good feelings from others. Like get in a yoga class or learn the guitar. Do something that is fun and makes you a better, more interesting person. You will feel better about yourself and need less from others. You will also have less time to obsess about your crushes... and being a more interesting, self confident person may make others have crushes on you instead! :)Health Question & Answer

Hi. . . . . . Firstly try not think about it too much . . . . .lol. . . . coming from a woman of 32 and still gets very clingy and beat myself up something stupid if a guy doesn't get back to me when he said he would. . . .?.?

Every time i meet a guy he / they can't believe i'm single. . . . . So when i'm ignored i tend to let my paranoia get the best of me and on i go text happy , well not happy , FRUSTRATED !!

Frustrated as i never get an honest answer to why i've been cast aside all of a sudden. . . . So it ain't nothing to do with how you look !
I mean i'm your average petite ( 5'1 . . . . AND A HALF. . . lol. . ) size 8 , long curly hair ( or straight depending on the date , as it takes hrs when your hairs waist lengnth) and a personality girls tend to be envious of, god knows why. With me what you see is what you get, but the bigger picture is alot like yours. . . . . . . .I get obsessive in a way that's not good for me and my confidence.

I've ( obviously being 32 ) got alot of history with the 2 x partners of mine, both whom i've a daughter to.
I met the 1st when i was 15 and basiclly he was a bully and by the age of 17 there i was pregnant to a guy who seemed to have no time for me. He alway's put the abuse he introduced me to was because as a kid he was abused. . . . Fair enough i grew up thinking, then i tired of it and took many long years to rid him ( hard when you've a child ), but i succeeded!!

Only then to meet a soldier who once again controlled me. . . . lol. . . .well tried, and although the abuse was different it had a big impact on my confidence. . . . . Then the shock at 30 and falling pregnant AGAIN and yet again to someone who was AGAIN abused as a child.

I'm now on my own and see guy's at random , but i question myself all the time , and it's not me!
My parents divorced when i was young and my Mum thinks i just yearn security, but in all honesty i've treated people just as i have and not thought twice about it . . . . Awful i know , but i don't know any better !. .. .I sincerely hope you find the answer . . . lol. . . and then pass it on to me . . .he he. . . cheat!! Take care Chelle x x xHealth Question & Answer

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