Why am I always talking in my sleep?!

Question: Why am I always talking in my sleep.?
I end up waking my boyfriend in the middle of the night talking in my sleep and he says I talk loud. I can recall a few times where I have woke up to my own voice and I'm angry or talking harshly. What is going on.?Health Question & Answer

For some people this is just a common occurrence in their sleep, but in your case I'd say there are some unresolved anxiety or anger issues. Try to get in touch with expressing them during your waking hours and resolving them. You just may experience more restful sleep if you do.Health Question & Answer

If it isn't bothering you or anyone else, and hasn't elevated with time, there's no need to be scared by it. If you aren't violent and hitting people in your sleep, and aren't walking about or doing anything dangerous, then you're good to go.

This usually occurs during the REM sleep, and to know more about it, you can search it online. also, some therapists specialize in dream interpretations, so if you're really curious about knowing the content of your dream, and you go to them. Finally, when you have a lot of stress during the day, that's how your body relaxes in the night. I would also recommend getting your boyfriend earplugs, if you don't want to do anything about it.Health Question & Answer

http://www.webmd.com/sleep-disorders/tal...Health Question & Answer

something is really bothering your conscience. Maybe something that you did in the past and it keeps building up. Try to find the problem and focus on resolving it. Its probably a past coming up again. Try get getting help from a therapist or close family member. When all is done and resolved, it will stop so you and your boyfriend could have a good nights sleep.Health Question & Answer

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Talking in your sleep tends to be quite natural, nothing can really be done for it. Least not known of anyway.
Maybe your not comfortable in your life for some reasons, they sometimes lead to talking in your sleep and even the bed and location may be it.Health Question & Answer

you could have Sexomnia,

I used to talk in my sleep, and I was frequently sexually aroused during my sleep.. during the NREM/REM stages.

other than that, you just may have a to do list that's too big to handle on your ownHealth Question & Answer

Your jaw muscles do not go into sleep paralysis.Health Question & Answer

you have issues you cannot voice when awake maybe with him and a afraid to voice when awakeHealth Question & Answer

me too : () join the clubHealth Question & Answer

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