HELP PLEASE, im scared =[?!

Question: HELP PLEASE, im scared =[.?
under my chin, like towards the back of my jaw, going towards my neck, inside get these soar swollen things sometimes. They hurt when i touch them...anyone know what is there like lymph notes or gland or something. What do you think i should do.? besides go to the doctor because im gunna do that, but i dont know if i should freak outHealth Question & Answer

Your lymph glands are doing their job! They are fighting some sort of infection that is trying to invade your body. Whenever you feel them tender and throbbing, be glad that they are working for you.

You also have some under your armpits, and in your groin right at the top of each leg. If you were to be exposed to something around your private parts, like urinary tract or an STD, the glands in your groin would probably get painful.

Knowing that, when you feel your lymph glands, be aware of any symptoms of bodily illness, like a cold, sore throat, etc. as these can let you know just why your lymph glands (also called nodes) are working.

There is no illness called "Swollen Glands." It is just a sign that your lymph system is functioning, and notice that some foreign microbe is trying to invade your body.Health Question & Answer

its just swollen glands you need an antibiotic to clear up the infection go to the doctorHealth Question & Answer

just go to the doctor
it is probably just an infection
don't stress about itHealth Question & Answer

go to the dr and dont freak outHealth Question & Answer

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