Please help, am i depressed?!

Question: Please help, am i depressed.?
I'm 21 and haven't been truly happy for approx 6 years, i feel suffocated/closed in and life just seems so mundane.
I have goals but i can't seem to motivate myself to get the work done although i do manage to in the end. But last year i had tons of motivation.
I asked this question before and got answers like i should save up and travel etc but I haven't got the money, i'm too tied down with college and can't afford to work as that will leave less time for studying.
Can anyone give me advice please or tell me what's wrong with me.?Health Question & Answer

Are you close to graduating.? It might be senioritis. I know that sounds silly, but it's true that when you're in your last year or semester, you can become stressed and actually lose motivation to do your classwork.

It could be something more serious like depression and stress. Your college probably has some sort of free counseling available. I'd recommend going to talk to them.

I have felt very much like you. I only work part time so I can keep up with my school work and live very poorly. I never have good food to eat, I went a year and a half without tv or internet. All I had for entertainment, literally, was the radio. I got terribly depressed. Technology isn't everything, but we've got to have things to entertain ourselves or we will fall into depression. If you have no money to take a trip, is there a pretty, quiet spot somewhere nearby where you can sit and think and be alone and enjoy nature.? Or do you enjoy people watching.? Go to a mall and sit on a bench and just watch people. It's not nearly as fun as a vacation. I prefer going to the park myself, because I know a few secret spots where I can be alone near the river and I really enjoy that.

Stress may be wearing down your body. You might not even know you're stressed. Chronic stress makes us tired, lowers our natural defenses, and decreases our motivation. Go talk to a school counselor. They can probably help you, or point you in the direction of people who can. It sounds like depression to me. It does not necessarily mean that you need medications to manage it, but some talk therapy would probably be beneficial. There are state programs available in most places to help low-income people and students get mental health care.

First: go talk to a school counselor. They should be able to help you more.

I wish you luck. Depression is a hard thing to fight. It literally can suck the life right out of you. Go find some help and get your life back!

I've had just about every physical test done in the book, aside from maybe a full body MRI. Physical problems can cause depression so it is important to look into that avenue as well, but don't hesitate to go talk to a counselor, and if you don't want to take medications, tell them so. You don't HAVE to do anything a counselor or psychiatrist suggests to you. They work for YOU. But it's not going to hurt you to talk to someone while you have physical tests done.Health Question & Answer

i've dealt with depression and bipolar for the last 10 years, and I'm in collegeHealth Question & Answer

Maybe you're just bored with what's going on with your life right now. Same routine every day can get old. Try something new...anything. Go out to a bar and try a drink you've never had before or study with a buddy (maybe even a cute one). Watch a really good movie or dance to an upbeat song. Just some suggestions hope they help.Health Question & Answer

It sounds like your depressed. You should talk to your doctor and find a good therapist. You might want to try anti-depressants and therapy.Health Question & Answer

if studying to much for ya quitHealth Question & Answer

If you are tied all the time, it is a question of your health. You could be anemic, you could have food allergies, have adrenal burnout, have low thyroid function, have a systemic yeast infection, be prediabetic or nutrient deficient. You can talk to your doctor about the fatigue and ask for any and all tests available to you, but don't mention the depression unless you want a referral to a shrink who will use the band aid solution of using pills which will only make you feel worse because this does not address the cause of the problem and can add to the effects of the underlying issue. You can also do some research online to find other possible causes and treatments for your issues. I will leave some links below for your review. I use these sites a lot for my own health concerns. Meditation and yoga are always helpful, but exercise can exacerbate an underlying medical condition you are unaware of. Best to get some testing done first. I have a BSc in Psychology and let me tell you, will power is a myth, this is not all in your head, there is always a cause.Health Question & Answer Question & Answer

I can understand where you are coming from. I'm a long ways from 21:). I have had problems with depression for a lot of my life, I'm 52 and a mom and Grandmother.
They have told me to try and get outside and walk if for nothing else just to enjoy the birds and nature that is all around you. I've noticed since spring has got here it is nice to be out.
Do you go out with friends just to get away for awhile.?
You could talk to your family doctor cause that was where I started and they can put you on a mild anti-depressant or anti-anxiety.
This could give you a place to start to feeling better.Health Question & Answer

Personal experience.Health Question & Answer

I am 19 and have been depressed for about 2 yrs. I have used drugs and alcohol and other ways of numbing myself, I now realize after having stopped all of it to clear my head. Its affected my whole motivation and academic life, although i have managed to scrape by.
Having talked to other people that have been in the same situation the best thing to do is to go to a therapist that is suitable for you, finding one can be hard but if you find the right one for you it completely changes your whole perception. try your college counselor. If you are anything like me you will just brush it off and think its not that important, but it is.Health Question & Answer

Have you ever heard of 'will power'.?
that is the greatest motivation you can give yourself....nothing is wrong with you at all. you just lack the will..
There is a good start though..'having no intentions of quitting'.. find something you like doing best and do it when you fill less motivated to do another..
'Tied down with college.?'.. that isnt an excuse.. I work approx. 18 hours a week and still take 17 credit hours (Aerospace Engineering)..I have to pay bills and dont even have a good scholarship. I dont take loans either, but still find a way to do everything. Do not get me wrong, I dont always get everything right, but at least I try. everything comes down to the way you manage your time. motivation will find you through your will power when you organize yourself. it aint easy, but it is worth the try, because at the end, you will look back and smile cos you gave it all..
Good luck to you. hope this helped.Health Question & Answer

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