Can Your Apartment Make You Depressed?!

Question: Can Your Apartment Make You Depressed.?
I've lived in my apartment since October and just recently I have started to loath it.
It's not a messy place that needs to be desperately cleaned, it's an attractive layout in a beautiful location, and I have pretty much all the furniture I need.
The only problem is every time I come home to it, I end up feeling miserable and don't want to spend another minute there.
I have a balcony that I sit out on and feel better, but when I sit on my couch and watch TV or go into the kitchen to get food, I feel like a dark cloud is floating over me.
What can I do to feel better in my home.? I have half a year until the lease is up and no means to move at the moment.
Besides, my b/f doesn't seem to feel the same way about the place.Health Question & Answer

get outside. your insides are crying to be out in nature.
and perhaps the previous tenants energy is still there and affecting you. the place needs to be cleaned of any negative energy. simply saying 'any negative thats here, leave now" is effective of removing it, or throw salt into any corners and areas that make you feel bad. salt is a powerful absorber. sometimes leaving the windows and balcony door open for several hours (clearing away any stagnant or bad emotions) may help.Health Question & Answer

YES! OMG! I know exactly what you mean! i was in a miserable apartment for two years and dreaded going home. but my situation was different. i had mold, no central air/heat, or fans...

the maitence staff was horrible, i didnt have water in my apartment for two months, had to take cold showers. this apartment was a pure nightmare!!Health Question & Answer

yes i think it can.?Health Question & Answer

Maybe it's just the idea of living in an apartment. I've lived in one for the past eight years and I absolutely hate it. I hate my neighbors, I hate never being alone, I hate the fact that random men have the keys to my home and could basically walk in any time. Once they walked into my bedroom as I was sleeping.

But to answer your question, yes. An unwanted home can definitely add to your unhappiness, that is supposed to be your place for you to feel comfortable, and of course at home!
I always feel better when I feel more comfortable in where I'm at. I'm the kind of person who can't stand when things are too neat, I feel like no one lives there. So I keep things nice but I don't clean up what isn't necessary to clean. also I put whatever I want on the walls...I feel it's important to be reminded of who I am every time I wake up and glance around.Health Question & Answer

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