Anxiety attack in the middle of the night?!

Question: Anxiety attack in the middle of the night.?
i had fallen asleep around 10pm last 12month old son woke up in the middle of the night w/ a stomach ache (he had pudding earlier) so i had to get up and i tried to calm him then laid him back down, while laying there i got a horribly nervous feeling and started having a panic attack when i stood up i felt like my legs were gona stop working and my body was gona stop working, i couldn't even speak a full sentence and as i tried to calm down i was trembling so felt like something was trying to posses me and then i stsrted freaking out more........why did i have such a bad attack like that.? can anyone help me out here what was this.? i have been thinking about what is was all dayHealth Question & Answer

I have suffered from panic attacks for 33 years and get them at night occasionally. It has to do with the brain, you were asleep and suddenly you are up and worrying about you son, the brain does not get it, its still sleeping. So the body freaks out and has a panic attack. Just deep breath, I mean breath in slowly for 4 seconds and hold it for 4 seconds then breath out slowly for 4 seconds and repeat until your panic subsides.Health Question & Answer

Middle of the night, usually the time that our body cleanse itself as it is your asleep. But by interrupting this, it changes its cycle plus which probably why you get such an attack. Another thing that didnt help is you got a history back on this situation and your body is calling you to keep back to rest coz you must have had a rough day earlier.

Try to take it easy in yourself, no matter what, dont get too alerted in the middle of the night as it really disturb our health cleaning cycle.

Hope this helps even with a slightest.

- KRHealth Question & Answer

I have dealt with anxiety attacks and anxiety in general for about 13 years. It's not fun. But sometimes anxiety attacks happen out of the blue for no reason or if you have been stressed out that can be why. I have had them in the middle of the night for no reason at all and it was VERY scary.Health Question & Answer

I have anxietyHealth Question & Answer

The stress is very understandable, you may have been very worried about your son and feeling very conflicted and guilty about wanting to do more for him and also wanting to go back to sleep.

Deep breathing can stop anxiety attacks.
Inhale to the count of six.
Hold the breathe for count of six.
Exhale to a count of six.
Repeat this deep breathing until you feel calm again.

Good luck!Health Question & Answer

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You might hav been scared that he was going to die. Did u hear of anything like sickeness or diseases where a stomach ache is a symptom.? Hav u had experiences with babies' deaths.? That might have triggered something. Or maybe an illness you had when you were younger. Anxiety attacks r usually triggered by something that happened to u in the past.Health Question & Answer

oh god i hate those i have anxiety attacks.
they can happen any where any time.
nothing has to trigger them.

I asked a .? about an anxiety attack and got some good advice
breathe 5 seconds in and 5 seconds out.
the fact that a pretty girl like you isnt my gf is giving me an anxiety attack.Health Question & Answer

Talk to a doctor, and they can give you medisine that helps and you can get a doctor you can talk to about stuff like this.Health Question & Answer

go 2 the doctor he shoulkd give something that is right for u dont medicate urselfHealth Question & Answer

friendHealth Question & Answer

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