I think i have like a body image disorder help me!!?!

Question: I think i have like a body image disorder help me!!.?
uh i have a problem like sometimes when i see myself in the mirror i think i look huge! but i know in my mind im not because of the size i wear and stuff but still what do i do i hate when i see pics and my arms look big or worse is my body looks big but my face looks small im 97lbs 5'3 size 1 in pants size small in shirts if it sounds small why cant i see it! plz help......Health Question & Answer

well, it is a psychological disorder called body dysmorphia. it sounds serious but it isn't. there is nothing wrong with you, your'e probably very beautiful and graceful and you are definitely petite. secondly, there's nothing wrong with you mentally; all of us in modern society, whether we limit our exposure to tv and internet or not, get bombarded with pictures of very beautiful people, who either are very gifted genetically, if men, take steroids, and if girls, not really normal and should not be considered the minimum standard. besides, photoshop is even in their contracts and most publications always touch up pictures. so, don't worry about it; most guys would probably die just to talk to you anyways and you're real, not some touched up manikin.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Body_dysmor...Health Question & Answer

You should see a psychiatrist before it starts effecting you.
Pretty soon you'll start really believing it and possibly take action and worse case scenario develop a full blown eating disorder.

But its more than likely some silly chemical imbalance in your head that is warping the way you see yourself.
I've never seen how you look but I can safely say from what you have told us that you are NOT fat or big at all!!

Please get this sorted, once you go down that road of eating disorder you might never recover from it, only 3 in 10 ppl ever fully recover, its the most depressing existance in the world which you do not want!!Health Question & Answer

Eating disorder on and off for 7 years, recovered and relapsed, it wont go away. Is no way for anyone to live, believe me.Health Question & Answer

maybe you should seek help of a shrink, you seem like you have a physiological disorder if you seem large but really aren't. the best thing to do would be to find someone who can help or has been in a similar situationHealth Question & Answer

yeh you are VERY thin i am your same height and im 120 and i am no where near fat. Try looking in the mirror and saying in your head i am not fat and just keep doing that.

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