Taking paxil, drink then depression?!

Question: Taking paxil, drink then depression.?
i have been taking paxil 30mg for a few years now on and off, recently been on a binge drinking kick 10-20 beers and multiple shots a week. i dont take my paxil the day after drinking and have recently noticed in a 3 month supply i have 24 left. am i over drink my medication. cuz for lately the next 4-6 days after i drink i feel like **** with worries and anxiety.
is this like a paxil withdrawl.?Health Question & Answer

Missing a dose of Paxil can be very hard on your brain chemistry and can leave you feeling pretty bad in more ways than one. What you are doing currently is quite dangerous. I'm not your mommy, but i would suggest that you focus more on your mental health, than binge drinking.Health Question & Answer

psychology student.Health Question & Answer

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