Opinion on if you think I'm anorexic?!

Question: Opinion on if you think I'm anorexic.?
Here's the details:
-I eat between 800 and 1,300 most days
-I eat the fattiest calorie dense food I can find so I don't have to eat as many bites
-I'm 19, 111 pounds, 5' 8"
-my best friends who know everything say I'm anorexic and I need to get help right now so I don't kill myself
-the social worker I saw (she didn't have any experience with eating disorders) said she thinks I'm anorexic
-I don't feel fat but I don't feel extremely skinny either, I wouldn't mind gaining about 10 pounds
-when I get hungry, I don't always eat just because I don't "feel like it" or I'm too lazy to get myself something
-I get dizzy, miss my period some months, am always cold, and am always tired
-I've been underweight my whole life
-people say "just eat" but I can't
-I don't excessively exercise or purge. I just don't like eating very much.
-I can think of only think of 1 reason: attention. Plus I don't think it's worth it to buy food. I'd rather starve than pay for food so this way my parents pay for it.
Does this sounds like anorexia.? I'm going to the psychologist next week but I've become obssessed with figuring out if it is because a lot of the people around me think very strongly that it is.Health Question & Answer

It's hard to say. it sounds like you're right on the borderline. But I would say probably not, because of your comment on gaining weight- if it's true. "I wouldn't mind gaining about 10 pounds" does not sound anorexic- gaining any weight sounds horrific to an anorexic, they don't compromise. also, anorexia is primarily about control, and it doesn't sound like this is the main issue for you.

You say it's mostly for "attention". This worries me a little, because while I don't think you really have anorexia, this may indicate a serious disorder. This isn't me judging you. Trust me, I have borderline personality disorder, and if anyone is attention seeking, it's us. I absolutely hate that tendency, but it's still there.

I'd recommend you still see a well-trained psychiatrist. And FYI, none of us here are qualified to judge whether or not you're anorexic. Only a professional canHealth Question & Answer

Pre-med, and I have 4 disordersHealth Question & Answer

To me it does not sound like you have Anorexia nervosa. An anorexic person would never say that they wouldn't mind gaining 10 pounds. Yes, you are underweight, but it may be more of a thyroid issue, than a mental issue. Although you sound like you might have some obsessive compulsive tendencies.Health Question & Answer

psychology student.Health Question & Answer

"I get dizzy, miss my period some months, am always cold, and am always tired"

If you aren't, you are headed in that direction. Definitely see a psychologist and talk about more than just your eating disorder.

You have to start to expand your horizons and find out what you want out of life. IMO.

You are on the right track.Health Question & Answer

I think your just weak, not anorexic. You say you eat fatty foods, try eating something healthy once in a while :) If your happy with your weight but don't care if you gain more, then i say go for it, just be careful not to get over weight either.Health Question & Answer

no, i don't think you are anorexic. Anorexia is like a total OBSESSION with food; all they think about is food and over excersise and are constantly weighing themselves. I think your just undereatingHealth Question & Answer

If you are on here asking if you have a problem and your friends and professionals are telling you something is wrong, it's time to listen up and get some help!!Health Question & Answer

I think that it is very possible that you are anorexic. I'm about 5 years younger than you and 15 pounds heavier.Health Question & Answer

If you feel like you wouldn't mind gaining 10 pounds I would say you do not have anorexia. Having gone through this myself, and am still symptomatic, I have never once said I want to gain weight. Many people just say, "Oh, shes got an eating disorder, look how skinny she is," Well little do they know that anorexia is actually based more on your height, weight and BMI, as well as symptoms. Someone could be 5' 7", 85 pounds, but still eats and doesn't think about it, it's just text book thats all. If you think you could gain weight and not mind, I would say it's something else. Definitely go to your family doctor and ask about a possible thyroid problem.Health Question & Answer

Anorexia nervousa is a condition where you view yourself as very fat. They do anything and everything to say skinny. LIke the psychology student said, your not anorexic, but, possibly have some other obsessive compulsive disorder. I would sorta know of your condition cause my sister is anorexic, so, i definately know you dont have it. A very high metabolisim might be your problem as well, you should definately talk to your doctor about other bodily things that may be wrong with you. And you don;t like paying for food, thats cheap, I do the same, but, i eat ALOT when it is free, so, im good.Health Question & Answer

In all honesty, some of the things you say do point to anorexia such as the small calorie intake,
it is of course a state of mind rather than just the food you eat,
you say you don't mind gaining weight & you don't excessively exercise, unlike people suffering from the disease who often set their goals only at losing weight.

I'm no expert but i do know two people who have just recovered
from anorexia & i know they couldn't have done it without treatment and diagnosis; so it is good you are trying to figure it out, accepting it now is better than never.
Hopefully it will turn out that you really just struggle to put on weight and don't see the point in eating too much, this is normal!!
If you have been underweight all your life you can hardly blame yourself.
It isn't good that you get dizzy & cold etc though, this usually means you are lacking nutrients so your body cannot make enough energy, therefore I would recommend eating foods (not necessarily more than you usually do) with more carbs as this will provide more energy for you and stop you feeling lethargic.
Hope this has helped you in some way!Health Question & Answer

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