Is Morrissey a tormenting devil or a comforting angel? Or is he just Morrissey?!

Question: Is Morrissey a tormenting devil or a comforting angel.? Or is he just Morrissey.?
Morrissey is simply Morrissey, love him or hate, he's under no man's thumb, he says what he wants, offends who he wants and doesn't care - and why should he.? We love you Mozza, even though you don't care for our opinions, you most peculiar of all living creatures.Health Question & Answer

he's the boy with a thorn in his side with irish blood but an english heart. he would be the last of the gang to die.

haha okay i'll stop with the cheesiness.

i think his upbringing messed him up; but him and the smiths started off indie so i think he's a living legend really.

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He's a moody teenager trapped in an aging bodyHealth Question & Answer

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