Why do antidepressants seem to increase suicidal tendencies?!

Question: Why do antidepressants seem to increase suicidal tendencies.?
especially if you're under 24Health Question & Answer

When people are depressed, they have no energy to commit suicide. Once they start coming out of the depression, such as when treated with antidepressants, they develop more energy and may be able to act on suicidal tendencies .Health Question & Answer

CRNPHealth Question & Answer

if its ssri antidepressants my guesse would be the fluoride in it. It makes a person feel numb emotionally and its a poison. So the mind feels like its dying by using the medication so wants it to end.
I cured my depression and anxiety attacks by using multivitamins with all the b vitamins and paba the paba helps with anxiety.
I also stopped drinking tap water and now only drink purified non fluoridated water. That realy helps.Health Question & Answer

They shouldn't! Call your Dr and change meds/ doses.Health Question & Answer

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