Help!!!!Stuck in a rut!!!?!

Question: Help!!!!Stuck in a rut!!!.?
Okay im having a serious problem it will in the future determine my success my problem is that i cant keep myself running on any hard work the reason is because i feel like why try.?...someday all that hard work will go down the toilet when u die and it could easily be tomorrow my ACTS are coming up im studying fairly hard but in the back of my mind im always thinking that it doesnt matter how good i do cuz the world has been said to be ending 2012 is it really worth all this hard work like or what if i die after passing really high on the test it wouldnt even matter then...what can i do to pull through this rut its been effecting my life for the last 3 years before that i was really successful in school one of our schools top students but like if i die tomorrow all that work would be for nothing what can i do to pull thru this.?Health Question & Answer

So what happens if the world does not end in 2012. Do you want to wake up in the year 2013 and realize you wasted the last three years worrying about the world ending.? Live your life however you want if going to school makes you happy keep doing it be successful at it. If not figure out what makes you happy. Ask yourself if the world ended tomorrow what would I want to be known as the person who gave up before it happened or the guy who did his best to the last moment.Health Question & Answer

If that is what you think then you should do fun things!! keep up the good work and let us know how was your graduation. check out this fact Career= money and awesome things in your life. no school=no money ,bad house, bad carHealth Question & Answer

if you want to talk my yahoo messenger is livebythegospelHealth Question & Answer

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