Why I am so afraid of death?!

Question: Why I am so afraid of death.?
I am an 18 year old male. I am educated, happy, and like to have fun. I have great friends, family, and a girlfriend. Lots of people have great people in there life, but for some reason I am terrified of death. I am scared of dying. I am scared of other people dying. I try to write about it to calm me down, but my fears continue to grow. I am only 18 and feel like I should not have these feelings. For some reason time feels like it will pass by too quickly. I am not at all depressed. Does anybody understand.?Health Question & Answer

its just the side effect of having a great lifeHealth Question & Answer

Perhaps you are afraid because you do not have a faith, or are not entirely devoted to a religion. By converting to a religion, you can at least feel more confident. Death is a great unknown, but religion can at least provide some type of explanation, true or not. Like Ice Cube said, "If you a scared motha f**ka, got to church!"Health Question & Answer

Everyone is afraid of what's unknown to a certain degree, like death, the future, etc. It helps to have a good religious background to cope and/or learn how to deal with them. Death is a part of nature, of the circle of life and it affects everything that lives...You might need the help of a mental professional to help you with the anxiety aspects of your fear. Take care and God bless.Health Question & Answer

I really do understand. I used to try to figure it out, but it would upset me to think in terms of infinity. Then I read a quote about "a coward dies a thousand deaths; a brave man but one." To me that meant that you can think about dying and obsess about it, but you won't figure it out and you're wasting your precious time. So, whenever I get to thinking about it, and that quote comes to mind, I remember that I can't waste time dealing with death while I'm alive and well.
I can deal with it once....when the time comes.Health Question & Answer

Well, my little sister also started feeling this way but it's no big deal! Who cares about death.? Live everyday like it is your last one! Death isn;t hard trust me! In one second you're on Earth and in another second you're in heaven. Everyone has to Die. Don't be afraid, be brave don't worry about the future just worry about the present and eventually the future will be present at some point. We all live and we all die. Life is a gift from God. Live it up!Health Question & Answer

In my view, if you are afraid about death, it is because it is on your mind at the moment, try to understand why you are thinking about death, this should help you overcome the fear.
If you are in an stressfull mindset, lots of paranoyas can happen.
Keep you mind clear, and stay cool.

HerveHealth Question & Answer

i used to be the exact same way. i used to think of dying, then getting buried and never see the light of day again. but then i realized that everyone is reborn later in life. so i would just drink a glass of water to make me feel better. now i dont have those panic attacks anymore.Health Question & Answer

Everybody is afraid of death, but you maximize it and consume yourself with the thoughts of death, try to keep your mind somewhere else and try not to worry that much because it's true anybody can die anytime.Health Question & Answer

everyone is afraid of death its not just you and mostly happy people are afraid of death because they have people that they care about who they don't want to lose and you shouldn't worry about death and live your life. :)Health Question & Answer

I fear too.

I fear about it because I haven't achieved what I want, in life, school etc.

Haven't been to the places I want to go.

Haven't done anything I really want.

and massacre... there has been to many shootings lately.Health Question & Answer

well im afraid of death because maybe life is too good and i kind of question life is it real maybe death is just there to scare us or is it our time with god.Health Question & Answer

meHealth Question & Answer

Anybody of any age can be afraid of death. It's natural, but isn't something you should worry about or loose sleep over.Health Question & Answer

Common sense.Health Question & Answer

yes i understand but you shouldnt fear death. everyone is going to die sooner or later. you just have to enjoy life now as it isHealth Question & Answer

I understand. Everyone gets those times when they really think deeply about death. This site was interesting:

http://www.near-death.com/Health Question & Answer

I,m 17 And I,m the total opposite of you i Hate life
I have been rejected so many times it depresses meHealth Question & Answer

I feel like that. Sometimes days can feel really gloomy. I think of the happy timesHealth Question & Answer

time goes by really fast, life is short not enough hours in the dayHealth Question & Answer

if you want to talk about this my yahoo instant messenger is livebythegospel or just email meHealth Question & Answer

Man up, everyone dies sometime.Health Question & Answer

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