I'm Confused... This is weird....[It's like taking over]?!

Question: I'm Confused... This is weird....[It's like taking over].?
Now that the school year is getting closer to the last day, I've been having serious problems with school and personal issues and I have told one of my teachers and well... they gave me advice and i try to go by it the best i can... and most of the time it works...and i'm so happy for that. but now that i think about how school is going to end.. I cry because I don't want to lose this teacher because they have helped me through so much...

Is this normal.?
Am I supposed to feel like this, for someone whose helped me through a lot.?.?.?.?.?Health Question & Answer

Of course.
When someone helps us a lot in an important problem, we tend to feel a certain dependence on them, and we get afraid of how we'll get along when they are no longer available.
There is also the fear of no longer having the school routine, and perhaps having nothing to do.
1. Talk to the teacher about your fears
2. Remember you have it in yourself to face any problem.
3. Plan a scheduled activity for the summer. Join something, whatever it might be.
4. Remember God loves you.Health Question & Answer

Absolutely, this is completely normal. It's natural to bond with people who have helped you through tough times. It is sad to lose someone this close to you, but that doesn't mean you will be cut off from them forever. If you need some help you can still go back to them.Health Question & Answer

This is normal to fell, when u develope a personal relationship with a teacher.Health Question & Answer

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