I think my best friend may have been abused as a child. Is there anything I can do to help?!

Question: I think my best friend may have been abused as a child. Is there anything I can do to help.?
Your best friend actually sounds a lot like me. I've been diagnosed with PTSD and have suffered from depression for a while. Her behavior is also similar to mine - only my very closest friends know anything about my past (and I mean friendships that have lasted for over 5 years) and even then they don't know details. I think that you could gently bring up the subject. Don't ask any direct questions because it seems like something really sensitive. The best way to do it would be to let her know that you're concerned about her and what's been going on. Tell her that if she needs someone to talk to she can count on you with no judgments and complete discretion. This helps her to understand that you care about her and that she has someone she can rely on and gives her the option of bringing it up herself or not. Don't feel bad if she doesn't open up though, and don't take it personally. Keeping things to herself is a way of trying to control her own life, not keep you out of it.

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your friends sounds exactly like me.
now i don't know her past. but with me i have a very terrible past. looking back i wonder how i even pulled through.
all i can say is just remind her that she can trust you and you will always be there. NO MATTER WHAT! and when she is ready she will break down the wall she probably put up and tell you about her past. but she probably has trust issues so she needs to know that she can trust you.
you seem very concerned about her and you are a very good friend. she is very lucky to have you as a friend.Health Question & Answer

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