Does this sound like an eating disorder (would like a few more opinions please)?!

Question: Does this sound like an eating disorder (would like a few more opinions please).?
Here's the details:
-I eat between 800 and 1,300 most days
-I eat the fattiest calorie dense food I can find so I don't have to eat as many bites
-I'm 19, 111 pounds, 5' 8"
-my best friends who know everything say I'm anorexic and I need to get help right now so I don't kill myself
-the social worker I saw (she didn't have any experience with eating disorders) said she thinks I'm anorexic
-I don't feel fat but I don't feel extremely skinny either, I wouldn't mind gaining about 10 pounds but eating what I like eating I can't gain anymore weight (all I eat is white carbs pretty much and a few glasses of chocolate milk a day)
-when I get hungry, I don't always eat just because I don't "feel like it" or I'm too lazy to get myself something
-I get dizzy, miss my period some months, am always cold, and am always tired
-I've been underweight my whole life and have never eaten enough but lately it's gotten worse. When I am home, I only eat 1 or 2 small meals a day plus a few snacks
-people say "just eat" but I can't
-I don't excessively exercise or purge. I just don't like eating very much.
-I can think of only think of 1 reason: attention. Plus I don't think it's worth it to buy food. I'd rather starve than pay for food so this way my parents pay for it.
-I have gotten tested for anemia multiple times and for thyroid problems and other medical problems that could relate to this. Everything is normal.
I don't think I quite fit the diagnostic criteria for anorexia because I don't think I'm fat and I don't think I try to purposely restrict my calories. Maybe I have an Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified (EDNOS).? I'm going to the psychologist next week but I've become obssessed with figuring out if it is, considering that a lot of the people around me think very strongly that it is.Health Question & Answer

This is how I read this:

You are underweight, but you don't see yourself as skinny.
You don't really want to gain weight--your actions tell the truth.
You are on a strict and fairly obsessive diet (I got down to 70 lbs and still drank chocolate milk...doesn't matter if it's not typical 'safe foods' are restricting.)
You have physical symptoms.
You don't think its 'worth it' to buy food. Worthiness can be a huge ED factor.

I think you are in denial and know you have an eating disorder. With your weight, you would qualify for anorexia. Stop kidding yourself and get help.Health Question & Answer Question & Answer

No. You are not anorexic.
Trust me, I should know, I have severe anorexia myself, and I know alot about eating disorders.
you are not anroexic
although, you may just have anorexic tendenciesHealth Question & Answer

Try eating heavier foods and gain some weight little by little don't push yourselfHealth Question & Answer

It doesn't sound like you have anorexia. Anorexia is when you obsess over losing wait and starve yourself. You may have an EDNOS but maybe you don't really have a disorder either. Try eating different foods that fill you up quick so you don't have to eat much, gain weight, and be healthy.Health Question & Answer

yes i'd say you do have an eating disorder. Your BMI is 16.9 which is 1.6 under the norm. I would see a doctor or a nutritionist/ dietitian so that you can try out a healthy diet which will most likely rid you of the problems you have been facing. if you really don't like food at least eat something healthy for you when you do eat instead of fast food/ crisps or snacks. here are some web-sites with information and the symptoms to do with eating disorders. Question & Answer

Just because you don't fit the general "anorexic" diagnosis doesn't mean you don't have some sort of eating disorder, so you are right in thinking that you might have an EDNOS. I don't think it hurts to get it checked out. I think you need more balance in your diet. I have a friend who is an athlete that struggles constantly with "eating right." I think the key is when you said "people say 'just eat'" but you can' sounds like you are thinking about food a lot and whether you are doing the right or wrong thing when it comes to eating, and to me this jumps out as a problem. This lady on youtube is really smart...check out videos by her. It's called "Nutrition by Natalie." Here is one...

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You're not anorexic, although some of the things you listed do sound like anorexia; but the thing that tells me you're not anorexic is that you say you eat around 1000 calories per day. For an inactive person this should be sufficient. Are you active.? In that case you need more calories... also maybe you are overestimating your calorie intake. If you want to gain 10 pounds just eat more of what you already eat (and/or eat more frequently). Your weight does sound very low considering your height.Health Question & Answer

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