Where can i get a "white Noise Machine"?!

Question: Where can i get a "white Noise Machine".?
I have terrible sleeping problems. The worst problem though are all the noises i hear when im bed.

when it's raining, or if the PC is on, I don't hear these noises and I am then able to sleep.

after doing a little bit of browsing, I found out about these "white noise machines" made in the US, which generate a noise similar to a fan or other noise to generate a kind of mask of noise over the other irregular and disturbing noises.

I was wondering though, if it's possible to get these in the UK. I'd rather get something from the UK because If I import and there is something wrong, sending it back will be too much hastle.

Does anyone know of a place or store online i can get one of these.?Health Question & Answer

Go to Amazon.com, and look up a "Marpac 980A". They're a little pricey, but they are adjustable and have two speeds.Health Question & Answer

They're in most department stores or natural health stores.Or you can use a fan on low - pointed away from you-unless it's hot of course..Health Question & Answer

In a different section.Health Question & Answer

i use a fan makes a world of difference for me
keeps a nice breeze and covers up noiseHealth Question & Answer

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